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Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (23)

Number 12 Looks Just Like You : Doppy, my mother pronounced me, a word that doesn’t mean “unattractive,” exactly, but more like “clumsy” or “awkward.” I was that, too, so unskilled at jump rope that in elementary school I volunteered to be the permanent end, just so I could be part of the group. (posted Jan 1, 9:22pm)

4 Calling Birds by Rudolph, Holly, Eve and Frosty (32)

Why I Make My Children Walk the OCA Trail : In today's blog, Eve discusses why she wakes the family early on a vacation Sunday for a walk on the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. (posted Dec 29, 12:17pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (29)

Dear Santa... : It’s because of her that I’ve managed to retain the ability to suspend belief, to find the bubble of magical delight that exists deep inside all of us, and to send it forth, sharing it with the world through words – essays and stories and songs – and yet, I never write these letters to my mother, Santa. (posted Dec 23, 4:54pm)

Shmuel's Soapbox by Shmuel (7)

Doesn't That Impress You? : It hit me that I could do my favorite new Christmas song of the year. Which was also a Christmas song I was kinda "meh" about last year. Except that it's not really the same song. ...I should back up. (posted Dec 22, 1:12pm)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (32)

I've created a monster : I realized that I've been on Facebook so long that I can't even remember how I did such-and-such any more. When I joined Facebook nobody I knew was on it and I actually joined a group called "am I the oldest person on Facebook?" and I was the oldest person in that group. (posted Dec 19, 11:40pm)

Speaking Confidentially by Lisa Houlihan (11)

up and down : Last week I read Kevin Sherry’s I’m The Biggest Thing in the Ocean! and Kevan [sic] asked if the squid was bigger than God. Such questions are above my pay grade. (posted Dec 18, 7:54pm)

Janice Loves Austin by Janice Williams (14)

Ray Price Again : I’m glad I interviewed Ray Price that day. (posted Dec 16, 8:42pm)

Where's My Plan? by John (31)

On the Genealogy of Morals : Actually, it's more like "genealogy and religion," and the relationship between them. Fair warning: it's a rambling and inconclusive blog entry. (posted Dec 15, 6:30am)

Patrick's Daily Journal by Patrick (32)

ReGifting : I introduced my family to Sharon and Fred, the two actors in "ReGifting," and it was quite a moment between them. Sharon looked at the ring on Beth's finger (the same exact style we used in the play), and it just really touched her. I'm so glad I was able to do this for them. (posted Dec 14, 9:06pm)

You Are Not a Winner by Gena Radcliffe (13)

Snow news is good news : You know that person on your FB or Twitter feed who always pipes up saying how much they enjoy snow? Yeah, that would be me. (posted Dec 14, 4:21pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (29)

Decoding : Heather and Kerry and Ben and I would beg our parents to let us make maple syrup candy with the fresh snow, and we’d make up codes and ciphers, and we were in and out of each other’s houses and apartments, and shared beds the way six and seven year olds do. (posted Dec 13, 9:34pm)

Doris Mash by Doris Mash (31)

95 years old : (posted early again as this is the 13th in GMT and I'm off to work!) This is not about me specifically, although I am sure there is something special I bring to the mix, but about the whole role of therapeutic treatments and beauty. It may be labelled as beauty but (posted Dec 12, 10:56pm)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (23)

Santa Baby : I am tonight battling a cold and exercising the busy columnist's holiday option to post a piece from before. It ties in with the recent discussion of what we tell children about Santa. (posted Dec 12, 5:59pm)

Tuna News by GreenTuna (13)

Fabled Voices : There is nothing good about the presence of a dragon. They appear at terrible times and do terrible deeds. (posted Dec 11, 10:20pm)

Extemporaneous Effects by Xeryfyn (13)

Kindness: Warming Cold Days : "...the van must have only just careened off the freeway, plowing deeply into the snowbank and the driver, undoubtedly shaken, was just emerging." (posted Dec 11, 9:34pm)

Another Spot of Randomness by Alanna the Hobbit (28)

Holidailies Day 10: Living In A Fantasy World : I was derping about the interwebs today, just scrolling through my Facebook feed and I came across a post that caught my attention. It was a post from one of the admins of a page that I've been following for months now, that posts some great material on Fantasy/Sci-Fi fandoms. The post was as follows... (posted Dec 10, 5:15pm)

Chaos Attraction by Jennifer (32)

Burning Goat : I have no idea if I am rooting for the goat to survive, to burn, or to have something else crazy to happen to it. (posted Dec 10, 9:06am)

The Many Places of Bella by BellaTheCat (17)

Incognito : He'll never find me here!! (posted Dec 9, 3:08pm)

Tuna News by GreenTuna (13)

Voices of Imagination : In my most vivid, jealous imagination, you're all having a wonderful time. (posted Dec 8, 9:43pm)

A Jan for All Seasons by Jan Bednarczuk (19)

These rules you should know. : Based on some recent outings I took into the world of Other Humans, I feel that it may be time for someone to produce a handy guide on when it is appropriate to make noise at a show. That person is me. (posted Dec 8, 4:07pm)

You Are Not a Winner by Gena Radcliffe (13)

There is a crack in everything : It amazes me that people will share the most intimate details of their life, but clam up when it comes to their emotional well-being. (posted Dec 7, 6:19pm)

Elle Hull - Priestess of Avalon by Elle Hull (13)

Dear Odin... : I know I’ve never communicated with You before, but today’s Holidailies prompt is to write a letter to Santa, and I just can’t do that knowing that Santa morphed from You and Your myths. I’d rather just go direct to the original source, so here I am. (posted Dec 7, 9:44am)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (32)

Being in the Moment : As I keep saying, every time I go to Atria, I feel like I'm going to Fantasyland and some days it's easier than others, but I think the best gift I can give her this Christmas, and for the rest of her life is to fully participate in whatever is her level of interaction on the particular day. (posted Dec 6, 4:01pm)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (23)

Wallpaper : Is it possible that my choice [of hideous cabbage roses wallpaper] reflected something of a longing for the remembered rooms of my childhood? (posted Dec 6, 9:04am)

Tuna News by GreenTuna (13)

The Sound of Haiku Voices : Singing! Dancing! Nuns! Nazis! A decided lack of acting! A creepy 30-year old man wearing Lederhosen pretending to be 17 year old boy! #TeamBaroness! SHOUTING SHOUTING SHOUTING! Yes, this was 'The Sound of Music'. (posted Dec 5, 9:52pm)

She's Actual Size by Atara (11)

Missing: Feeling in Toes : Often I'll wonder "Whose freaking idea was it to build a city here, anyway?" (posted Dec 5, 6:48pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (29)

Happy Birthday, Maximus : I love that you wake up half an hour before you really need to go outside, just so you can come into the bed with me and snuggle while Fuzzy showers. I love your raspy-tongued kisses, and the way you can eviscerate a squeaky toy in five minutes, then carry the empty fleece carcass around for months. (posted Dec 5, 3:06pm)

Elbowglitter by Megan (19)

Remembering Jim : Doing Holidailies this year reminds me of a wonderful man I “met” online many years ago through his journal. Some of you who are here through Holidailies may remember him as well. (posted Dec 5, 11:00am)

Chaos Attraction by Jennifer (32)

Driving To Sacramento : But I love driving on the freeway later at night, after the traffic jams of cars have cleared out. (posted Dec 5, 9:53am)

Gail's Place by Gail Kavanagh (6)

Candle in the Window : I don’t know where I first saw or heard it – somewhere back in the mists of early childhood, one Christmas Eve, a woman setting a candle on the doorstep of her cottage, my grandmother telling me that it was to show her lost ones the way home. A woman who had lost her sons in the war perhaps, or ... (posted Dec 4, 6:43pm)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (32)

Holly in My Heart : "Holly in my heart" has been my watchword for the Christmas spirit ever since I heard Cary Grant say it to Deborah Kerr in Affair to Remember, as he explains why he gave one of his paintings to a crippled girl. It's the sentence that starts what turns out to be the sappy, happy, tear-jerking ending. (posted Dec 4, 4:46pm)

this is the nonsensical mass that is my life. welcome. by Raychela (13)

thanksgiving : I guess if there is any gift in all of this, there it is… I no longer find myself taking average ordinary days for granted. I have so much gratitude for all that is around me. (posted Dec 4, 1:39am)

Kia's Corner by Kia Zi Shiru (28)

Holidailies 3: (Short) Guide to writing and self publishing : A lot of people feel lost when they start thinking about what to do after they finish a story, for some people this fear is even so big that they never finish a story for the fear of not being able to publish it. Worry no longer, I’ll give you a quick guide in which I explain the steps to ... (posted Dec 3, 1:39pm)

Megan knows arse-all about... by Megan (17)

Snow White : Is there a braver soul on the planet?* * Yes. (posted Dec 3, 7:45am)

Extemporaneous Effects by Xeryfyn (13)

Star: On the Value of Striving : How easy it was to feel competent and invincible with a gold star to your name; how quickly that same sense of value was destroyed by its absence. (posted Dec 2, 11:07pm)

Tuna News by GreenTuna (13)

Silent Voices : Tonight there are no answers, no morals to the story, and no neat conclusions. Never has the thought of asking for a "peace that passes all understanding" seemed so important, because there is no understanding and there is no peace. (posted Dec 2, 8:21pm)

MutteringFooldotcom by Suzy Pietras-Smith (6)

Cancerversary : Yes, I am grateful that I am alive and doing well five years later, but no, I am not grateful that I had cancer. (posted Dec 2, 5:09pm)

crickwooder chronicles by Stef (6)

i can go twice as high : Reading is a big thing in our house. (posted Dec 2, 8:21am)

A Jan for All Seasons by Jan Bednarczuk (19)

On parenting advice, and dick moves. : Something that drives non-parents crazy, in my experience, is when they are told by parents that their child-rearing advice is neither wanted nor appropriate, because they are not parents and therefore they just do not get it. (posted Dec 2, 6:45am)

That's My Bix! by Weetabix (3)

Þakka þér fyrir : Everyone in Iceland is very tall. So very tall. Or, conversely, not tall at all and very fine boned and wee. I’ve never felt so petite and also, like a giantess at the very same time. (posted Dec 1, 8:12am)

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