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Speaking Confidentially by Lisa Houlihan (12)

misanthropy : Also I made Nütella and then I made cookies stuffed with that Nütella. Jesus god, even I couldn’t eat them. Well, not many. (posted Dec 21, 10:36am)

Stariel Knits by Ariel (19)

Home Again : The last day in Vancouver, and the trip home. (posted Dec 21, 9:48am)

Valeroni by Mellie (19)

The 10th year : This time has passed in the blink of an eye. I barely had time to get over the initial shock learning you were to be. I saw those two lines and cried. Along came the sickness like clockwork. (posted Dec 21, 7:01am)

Visible Woman by Linda Ball (21)

Lost in the Longest Night : New beginnings? I don't seem to get those any longer. My life seems to be largely consumed with avoiding an ignominious end. Running out of money, falling and not getting up, losing my mental grasp of holidays and everything else. (posted Dec 21, 6:01am)

Wendy's Tumblr by Wendy McClure (11)

The Most Specialest Christmas Book Ever : The original title was My Special Christmas: A Personalized Story about You and Santa, but nascent children’s book editor that I was, I deleted the subtitle. (posted Dec 21, 5:48am)

Stariel Knits by Ariel (19)

A Day of Culture : In Vancouver BC, I visit the art museum and conservatory. (posted Dec 21, 12:54am)

Chaos Attraction by Jennifer (20)

Hallmark Movie Review: Northern Exposure Edition : At one point Lauren is called in to deal with the sprained ankle of Rudy the Reindeer. "Will he be okay in time for Christmas Eve?" Lauren is all, "I'm not a vet, you guys...oh hell, fine, I'll wrap his ankle up and look this up on the Internet" about it. (posted Dec 20, 11:55pm)

this little life if mine by lisa-marie (12)

Friday Five on Saturday : Sorry my Friday Five is late this week. It's more like a Saturday Five, really. Enjoy! Cheers! (posted Dec 20, 10:38pm)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (21)

Kyle's Kitchen : Kyle is a special needs 5th grade student at Brianna's School. He was the inspiration behind this new restaurant concept. The menu says that Kyle's favorite foods are cheeseburgers and salads, but his real passion is meeting people. He is there at the front door, handing out menus when you arrive. (posted Dec 20, 9:55pm)

Catchy Name Needed by Mel (20)

1981 - the record selection and the mirror reflection : I remember that I wandered into the house living room before the performance and Stevie Ray was in there waiting to go on. I just mostly remember him looking at me and my friend like, "Who the hell are these people?" (posted Dec 20, 9:27pm)

Megan knows arse-all about... by blau (19)

Crop dusting. : Here are two facts for the price of, well, nothing. (posted Dec 20, 9:02pm)

4callingbirds by Rob Rosenberg (20)

Respect: The Lost Art : Tonight, my wife writes about the lost art of respect. (posted Dec 20, 8:00pm)

Fauxklore by Miriam (20)

Hotels : Hotels in middle America tend to be middling. (posted Dec 20, 7:40pm)

Still Mindy by Mindy (13)

Ich liebe dich : Oh these days are flying by. Puppy care is ongoing (she never stops leaving puddles on the floor). Some days are better than others. Some have both good and bad. My attempt at cleaning up my language went out the window. At least I'll have the children's assistance for the next two weeks while they are home for the holidays. (posted Dec 20, 7:22pm)

Hat on Top, Coat Below by KarenD (20)

In Which the Day Gets Away from Me : I see friends on Facebook who've baked four kinds of cookies just today, whereas I don't even clearly recall when I last used my oven--last weekend to heat up one of the big pasties we get at the free range organic grocery, maybe? (posted Dec 20, 7:17pm)

Red Nose by Bozoette (15)

St. Mary's Villa : There's a hobbit house of a gazebo right by a lake, a formal English garden, and even the Stations of the Cross, oddly mounted on stone Japanese lanterns! (posted Dec 20, 7:00pm)

crickwooder chronicles by Stef (20)

if you look to the good side falling down’s a free ride : The pace proved a bit much for my intrepid fellow traveler. (posted Dec 20, 5:18pm)

The Many Places of Bella by BellaTheCat (15)

I know, I know... : I'm not supposed to... (posted Dec 20, 3:59pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (20)

Santa's Bakeshop : It’s the kind of day – grey, heavy, thick, cold – that would mean an impending snowstorm anywhere else in the world. Here it just means…it’s grey, heavy, thick and cold. Well, cold-for-Texas. Which is not the same as cold anywhere else in the world. Not even close. (posted Dec 20, 3:36pm)

Ned the Duck by JFHobbit (20)

Day 20: Christmas Madness is Here! : As the title indicates, today is a crazy sort of day. Family coming in, a party to go to, packing to be done. (posted Dec 20, 2:52pm)

Wendy's Tumblr by Wendy McClure (11)

Christmas on Riverside Drive : Play the song! Basically this song is Christmas in NYC in 1981 inside a snowglobe inside my head. (posted Dec 20, 2:06pm)

Patrick's Daily Journal by Patrick Cleary (20)

Fancy : I can't believe that Christmas is almost here! This year seemed to drag in some ways, but it feels like we were just doing all these annual traditions. (posted Dec 20, 12:08pm)

what if this is as good as it gets? by Kwizgiver (16)

perfect winter day : ...Anytime my breath does not freeze in my nostrils is a plus. (posted Dec 20, 12:08pm)

Passing Fair by X Chrysostom (13)

New London : The corner of Gallows Lane and Memory. (posted Dec 20, 8:55am)

Valeroni by Mellie (19)

The door is locked : You, your kids, or someone else's kid who has adopted you for the day has to "go." You locate the restroom, but when you get there the door is closed. You turn the knob and uh-oh, it is locked. What do you do? What does that mean? (posted Dec 20, 6:53am)

Visible Woman by Linda Ball (21)

Winter in Texas : Fortunately the requirements for a perfect winter day for me don't involve snow. (posted Dec 20, 5:59am)

Creative Output by Angela Brett (7)

Hemispherism: Is it time for a War on Winter? : Outside, pohutukawa and feijoa trees bloom red on green, sometimes turning our roads and driveways red with fallen stamens. Inside, we decorate with plastic holly and mistletoe, and Christmas cards of snowy driveways. Sometimes we spray fake snow on our windows. (posted Dec 20, 5:36am)

Janice Williams Loves Austin by Janice Williams (5)

Miracle Story : I read once you should write the stories that you tell often. This is one of those stories. I tell it and retell it as often as I can. It is maybe the most amazing event I have witnessed for myself. So I am telling it once again… (posted Dec 20, 4:24am)

Stariel Knits by Ariel (19)

International Knitting : In which I take some knitting to Canada. (posted Dec 20, 12:11am)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (21)

I Suck : I should mention that Bri needs to learn that you don't throw a bowling ball overhand! (posted Dec 19, 11:50pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (20)

Perfect Attendance : I came this|close to skipping tonight’s blog entirely, but I’ve been doing so well this month that I don’t want to give up my shot at “perfect attendance.” (posted Dec 19, 11:25pm)

Shmuel's Soapbox by Shmuel (19)

I Try to Hide Away : I don't really have anything to say today, either. (posted Dec 19, 8:37pm)

4callingbirds by Rob Rosenberg (20)

The Vacation Conundrum : I'm the family travel planner. In today's blog, I describe the thought process I go through each time I start to plan a new vacation. (posted Dec 19, 8:21pm)

Sudden Silence by Wendi Kast (11)

Bargaining with the Tooth Fairy : I was a bit of a bitchy, dramatic kid. My mom would leave aggrieved notes reminding me to empty the dishwasher or whatever; I would correct her spelling and punctuation with a red pen, then leave the corrected note for her to see when she got home from work. (posted Dec 19, 7:01pm)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (11)

It Smelled as Clean as God : I was one week old when I was baptized. My mother did not attend the ceremony. New mothers were treated like invalids then, and she was still forbidden to go up and down steps or to go out. I had no such restrictions, and wouldn’t have observed them anyway. Nevertheless, Lynn was at the advanced age of nearly three months ... (posted Dec 19, 5:57pm)

Still Life With Cats by Jenipurr (11)

Waterlogging : ...people from every walk of life who all shared something in common; who all ‘got’ each other without having anyone think what we love; what we do is weird or strange or not normal. (posted Dec 19, 5:30pm)

Catchy Name Needed by Mel (20)

1980 - I just had to let it go : A thing that I did not do much of, partly because I was always chronically short of money and partly because I just never had friends who were into it that much, was go and hang out at the legendary Austin venues like Antone's and the Armadillo. (posted Dec 19, 5:22pm)

crickwooder chronicles by Stef (20)

don't wake me now : The lack of sleep has caught up to me. (posted Dec 19, 4:51pm)

Valeroni by Mellie (19)

Dough Ornaments! : I usually mix up a few batches of salt dough, then we roll it out and cut shapes. Don't forget use a straw to make a hole for the ribbon or hook! They take a while to bake, but that gives me time to dig out the paint and glitter. (posted Dec 19, 4:16pm)

Fauxklore by Miriam (20)

Arts Shake-up : At this time of year when so many people are doing their charitable donations, please consider your local arts organizations. (posted Dec 19, 3:08pm)

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