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Kia's Corner by Kia Zi Shiru (28)

Holidailies 24: New Adult top 100 research: Time and Reviews : I’m back with more numbers to look at from my New Adult top 100 research. This time around I’m looking at Time and Reviews. I’ve found these very interesting to look at because they didn’t match what I would have expected. (posted Dec 28, 12:54pm)

Fauxklore by Miriam Nadel (28)

Old City : I found All You Knit is Love on my own and bought some locally dyed wool. (posted Dec 28, 10:56am)

Megan knows arse-all about... by Megan (17)

Posting. : I have never failed at Holidailies is such a spectacular fashion, so let's celebrate! Woo. (posted Dec 28, 10:29am)

heaven and woolworths by gin (3)

splinter : These jars of summer are now tucked away somewhere safe, to germinate. (posted Dec 28, 10:25am)

baldy hill homestead by Rachel (24)

thank you, snow : As lovely and peaceful as I find a winterscape in the country, three snowstorms — the last included a thick layer of ice as its finale — in one week leads to the inevitable task of rescheduling, reprioritizing, admission, and finally acceptance that certain things are simply not going to happen this holiday season. And it’s really OK, probably for ... (posted Dec 28, 7:37am)

Visible Woman by LB (32)

Keep Learning, Keep Doing, One More Day : As long as you are learning (and forgetting and learning) you are alive. I know it won't keep the grim reaper (18 down in yesterday's WSJ puzzle: death personified) permanently at bay. I read the obituaries. Mortality is always at hand. No, it just makes still being alive worthwhile. (posted Dec 28, 5:58am)

The Electronic Replicant by Erik (16)

An Open Letter to a Neighbor : Let me begin by applauding your work ethic. Not too many people have the sort of dedication needed to continue working until well after midnight. (posted Dec 27, 11:52pm)

Extemporaneous Effects by Xeryfyn (13)

Free: Outside of the Box : "...common sense would tell me to admonish the children for scuttling head down towards the road." (posted Dec 27, 11:36pm)

American Graffiti by Plin (16)

Verbal Addiction : I'm just a verbal addict, there seems no way around it. Hell, even my journal entries tend to be novella-length. The Internet hasn't sated my appetite for palaver, it's just amplified my opportunities to indulge. (posted Dec 27, 10:59pm)

Chaos Attraction by Jennifer (32)

SF and NC and GV : Yesterday we went to San Francisco and roamed the streets, taking pictures of the Union Square windows like always. (posted Dec 27, 10:39pm)

4 Calling Birds by Rudolph, Holly, Eve and Frosty (32)

A Day In The Life Of Me : For tonight's blog, Holly created a comic describing an average day in her life. (posted Dec 27, 9:11pm)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (32)

Sittin' and Chattin' : Then Walt suggested I come with them and read in the car while they walked. But here there are soft, comfy couches and books and TVs and food and why would I want to sit in the car in the sun for a couple of hours and use the smelly outhouse if I needed to. (posted Dec 27, 8:58pm)

Help for the Holidays by porchsitter (31)

Pursuing the Arts through Faith : There’s a book called The Artist's Rule, by Christine Valters Paintner, the Abbess of Abbey of the Arts, that I will begin in January. It can be completed in 12 weeks but I prefer the alternate schedule of spreading it out over 12 months. I love the idea of combining my love for the arts with my love of faith. ... (posted Dec 27, 8:50pm)

Patrick's Daily Journal by Patrick (32)

Almost Year's End : I'm looking forward to seeing what 2014 will bring. (posted Dec 27, 6:31pm)

Where's My Plan? by John (31)

Local Music Scene: Cleveland Edition : We were about as close as we could be, and being off to the side, it almost felt like members of the bands were looking at us when they were looking at bandmates--in other words, it was like being part of the band, without any of the pressure of playing the right notes or looking cool. (posted Dec 27, 6:05pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (29)

Post-Christmas Pajama Day Blues : Sometimes, I have pajama days. Often on those days, I never bother to get dressed in “real” clothes, but because I work from home, I still get stuff done. Other times, I turn everything off, and don’t even pretend to work. (posted Dec 27, 5:16pm)

Notes from Zone 4 by Lisa & Frank Richards (30)

Pie Perfection : This is the second holiday where I didn’t make a pie, and the second time I’ve missed it. So I’m making pie, damn it. (posted Dec 27, 3:51pm)

Fauxklore by Miriam Nadel (28)

Gaugi Day : My homing instincts found a yarn store, but it was closed. (posted Dec 27, 1:03pm)

Doris Mash by Doris Mash (31)

Family Time : After a lovely day and evening of togetherness on Boxing Day we meet up again for lunch at a local grill then back to ours for the cheese board we did not have room for the previous day then (posted Dec 27, 12:55pm)

Another Spot of Randomness by Alanna the Hobbit (28)

Holidailies Day 27: Whoops : So I was doing so well keeping up with this and then... (posted Dec 27, 12:00pm)

Valeroni by Mellie (26)

A much younger voice..... : Recorded way back in 1998 or 1999, using a midi file for the piano and my PC's mic, so it isn't the 'best' quality... but this is one of my all time favorite songs. Oddly enough, I met my husband partially because of this song... (posted Dec 27, 10:36am)

Bloginomicon by Richard S. Crawford (17)

Christmas Thoughts 'n' Things : I'm not sure what I'm going to do with a three-foot-tall inflatable Dalek, but it's an awesome gift nonetheless. (posted Dec 27, 9:14am)

Elbowglitter by Megan (19)

Taking Full Advantage : I am taking full advantage of this Christmas vacation thing. No workouts. None. Food? Terrible. Relaxing? 100%. I love it. (posted Dec 27, 8:58am)

Hat on Top, Coat Below by Karen D (22)

WDW Day 10: Magic Kingdom, Departure, and Reflections : The biggest change since our last trip to the World was all the MyMagic+ stuff: the MagicBands and My Disney Experience app and FastPass+. (posted Dec 27, 7:34am)

Visible Woman by LB (32)

A Portrait of Myself : I'm intrigued by what the kids call 'selfies.' I have been doing them for a long time, long before phone cameras made them so popular with kids. Before I had a digital camera even. (posted Dec 27, 6:21am)

A Day in the Life on the Farm by Wendy Klik (29)

True Love : Holidailies 2013 has asked us to change things up and record ourselves singing or reading a poem or perhaps to do a pictorial with no words. (posted Dec 27, 3:13am)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (32)

Rum Punch : It always amazes me how well we get along, since we are at polar ends of the spectrum religiously and politically, and normally very vocal about our views but if we stick to kids, grandkids, rum punch and scrapbooks, we do all right, and even better than all right. (posted Dec 26, 10:43pm)

She's Actual Size by Atara (11)

Christmas Wrap-up : Every year, I get asked, "What do you want for Christmas?" and I struggle to come up with something tangible that they could get for me. (posted Dec 26, 9:23pm)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (23)

Creative Reading : The snow lay round about this morning, about two inches of “a few isolated flurries” sparkling off the driveway when I went out for the paper. I sang about Good King Wenceslas as I walked down to the curb, stepping back into my own footprints as I came back up, although there was no heat in the very sod I ... (posted Dec 26, 8:58pm)

Help for the Holidays by porchsitter (31)

Introvert or Extrovert : There are as many ways to pursue faith as there are people. (posted Dec 26, 7:40pm)

Patrick's Daily Journal by Patrick (32)

Vacation Day : I'll be sad to see this vacation week go, because after New Year's, it's a long time before the next holiday. (posted Dec 26, 7:17pm)

baldy hill homestead by Rachel (24)

gratitude sunday : On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for: The weekend, especially after a long, unexpectedly challenging week in the office Having the courage, though, to stand up to some unreasonable demands A break in the winter weather that allowed us to go find the perfect tree Reliving events of the past year as I sorted through photos to include in ... (posted Dec 26, 4:18pm)

Doris Mash by Doris Mash (31)

Amuse Bouche Feast : Quick word after an amazing feast with family and friends. (posted Dec 26, 2:41pm)

4 Calling Birds by Rudolph, Holly, Eve and Frosty (32)

Tall Tales : In today's blog, Rudolph discusses how being tall can be both a curse and a blessing. (posted Dec 26, 12:14pm)

Fauxklore by Miriam Nadel (28)

Caldea : I have enough of a completeness obsession to go to microcountries, so here I am. (posted Dec 26, 11:36am)

Hat on Top, Coat Below by Karen D (22)

WDW Day 9: Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom : I was still feeling sick (congested, mostly) on this, our last full day of touring, but like the previous day, loaded up on cold meds and went forth. It was our last full day of touring, after all. (posted Dec 26, 11:09am)

Chaos Attraction by Jennifer (32)

The Christmas Bidet : Yup, I bet you were wondering where the Christmas Bidet came into this. No, that wasn't the title of a Hallmark movie....yet, anyway? (posted Dec 26, 9:51am)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (23)

Rankings : I am not going to type out now the titles of all 43 short stories (equivalent to 4 books) that I read. But I will list, in the order in which I read them, the novels and story collections that I managed to complete. (posted Dec 26, 8:46am)

Red Nose by Bozoette (23)

Lots of Love : Christmas was wonderful, of course. (posted Dec 26, 8:37am)

The Many Places of Bella by BellaTheCat (17)

No present needed : They have me, right? (posted Dec 26, 8:14am)

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