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Recent Entries

Visible Woman by LB (32)

Decorations of Red : But I feel for my little bendable fellows down in the parking structure in the dark. (posted Dec 23, 7:38am)

The Many Places of Bella by BellaTheCat (17)

Comedy/Tragedy Cat : Grumpy Cat's got nothin' on me! (posted Dec 23, 6:52am)

Still Life With Cats by Jenipurr (21)

Resmiranda : There is nothing quite like the energy of singing in a smaller space, when it is packed with people and you feel as if you can actually connect with your audience. (posted Dec 23, 6:47am)

Chaos Attraction by Jennifer (32)

Christmas Hula Concert : I keep thinking of what I'd like to do and how I'd handle moving...if I had a jillion dollars, right? (posted Dec 23, 1:51am)

American Graffiti by Plin (16)

Musicality : I decided I just wanted to have a little fun today. (posted Dec 23, 1:10am)

Another Spot of Randomness by Alanna the Hobbit (28)

Holidailies Day 22: The Lion Sing : The title is basically my day. (posted Dec 22, 11:15pm)

The Electronic Replicant by Erik (16)

Call Me, Call Me Not : Some people have a love-hate relationship with the telephone. I think I have a hate-hate relationship with it. (posted Dec 22, 9:59pm)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (23)

Marcia & Steve : Two or three times a week they would have epic screaming matches, calling each other all manner of ugly names. ... Then it would get very quiet. After a few minutes, there would be some foot stomping up the stairs, then a groaning of springs and of persons, and then thump thump thump as their bed traveled across the floor ... (posted Dec 22, 9:25pm)

She's Actual Size by Atara (11)

Christmas is Under Control : It's only taken 22 days, but I think we're finally ready for Christmas. (posted Dec 22, 8:31pm)

Red Nose by Bozoette (23)

Working for Scale : Is it fishy enough? (posted Dec 22, 8:05pm)

4 Calling Birds by Rudolph, Holly, Eve and Frosty (32)

On Cannibals : In tonight's blog, Rudolph discusses an interesting lesson learned from cannibals. (posted Dec 22, 7:38pm)

Help for the Holidays by porchsitter (31)

Questioning God's Mercy : People think what we’ve learned from science about the planet and its origins is the major stumbling block to faith. I have a different theory. (posted Dec 22, 7:22pm)

A Jan for All Seasons by Jan Bednarczuk (19)

On apartment life. : I like homeownership, more or less (sometimes less) but sometimes I miss living in an apartment complex. (posted Dec 22, 7:11pm)

Notes from Zone 4 by Lisa & Frank Richards (30)

Pluck a duck : We did the geese and few ducks. It worked better than expected, but it still sucked. (posted Dec 22, 6:05pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (29)

Mulled Wine, Magic, and Dylan Thomas : The room was freezing, the crowd dressed elegantly beneath their coats and hats. Gloved hands clutched cardboard cups of coffee, cocoa, mulled wine. (posted Dec 22, 5:24pm)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (32)

Sunday Stealing : We also have what I call the "necropsy ornaments," which consist of a ball that was the favorite of our dog Seymour, a black leather jacket with "bitch" on it which we got the year David died, and the smiley face necklace that Paul gave me one year, which became a Christmas ornament the year Paul died. (posted Dec 22, 5:15pm)

Patrick's Daily Journal by Patrick (32)

Parties #3-4 : Whew! What a busy weekend! (posted Dec 22, 4:57pm)

Fauxklore by Miriam Nadel (28)

Walking Winchester : There are plenty of historic signs to read, which is good in some ways but makes a walk take longer for those who are as compulsive about this sort of thing as I am. The instructions had pretty good notes (mostly pointers to those historic signs, but a few things about Patsy Cline, too.) (posted Dec 22, 3:31pm)

Doris Mash by Doris Mash (31)

My favourite holiday decoration : This is it, my favourite holiday decoration that has come out every year for the past decade and a half. It is a Playmobil advent calendar originally sent to my children from Germany by a very close friend but at that time I felt the kids were just too young to respect the small bits so I kept it in ... (posted Dec 22, 1:24pm)

Shmuel's Soapbox by Shmuel (7)

Doesn't That Impress You? : Best of Holidailies It hit me that I could do my favorite new Christmas song of the year. Which was also a Christmas song I was kinda "meh" about last year. Except that it's not really the same song. ...I should back up. (posted Dec 22, 1:12pm)

Valeroni by Mellie (26)

Mom's Cookies : My Mom had a table she used just at Christmas to stash the containers of goodies. Fudge, snowball cookies, pralines, a coconut cake, and the most coveted of all -- fruitcake cookies. (posted Dec 22, 12:11pm)

Hat on Top, Coat Below by Karen D (22)

WDW Day 6: Magic Kingdom and a New Hotel : One really different thing about it is that alcohol is served at dinner—a Magic Kingdom first. Of course, it’s crazy expensive, so I don’t think anyone’s gonna be getting drunk and stumbling onto Small World. (posted Dec 22, 11:25am)

Where's My Plan? by John (31)

Under Pressure, Thank You : Mom's place. It's nice to see her and she's a works very hard to be a good host, but for those of us who are super-connected, it's a tough place to be. She has no internet--not even dial-up--and our cell phone reception is spotty. She also doesn't have a DVD player, and the first night we were here, the DirecTV ... (posted Dec 22, 10:59am)

Speaking Confidentially by Lisa Houlihan (11)

and so this is christmas : I declare here instead of directly to the parties involved because I am underhanded and cowardly that if you hate Christmas, don’t do it. It’s not obligatory. What is obligatory is not to piss on other people’s pleasure and not to whinge. (posted Dec 22, 9:38am)

Eric's!Daily!Horoscope! by Starzina Starfish-Browne (30)

The One Where Starzina Remembers The Non-Apocalypse‏ : Speaking of The Beaver, it is Barbara Billingsley’s birthday. But don’t expect much of a party; she’s dead. (posted Dec 22, 8:29am)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (29)

Random Musings on the Longest Night of the Year : Tomorrow – today, almost – is the last Sunday in advent. So fast, this year has gone. I accomplished some lovely little things, but none of the big things I had hoped for. Baby steps? Maybe. Sometimes I think the things I’m keeping safe are the very things I need to send out into the world. (posted Dec 22, 7:14am)

Still Life With Cats by Jenipurr (21)

Not a creature was stirring : The cats, apparently, are doing their best to see if they can make me have a heart attack. (posted Dec 22, 7:13am)

Visible Woman by LB (32)

Need to Walk! : My head is full of news of the evils of the world and the haggard hope people find in the holiday season. I need to focus for a while on what's just right in front of that lead foot. (posted Dec 22, 7:01am)

Notes from Zone 4 by Lisa & Frank Richards (30)

Slush Driving : I reached the top of the hill tolerably, but when I turned the wheel, we kept going straight, into a snow bank of course. (posted Dec 22, 5:40am)

A Day in the Life on the Farm by Wendy Klik (29)

Another Christmas Gift to Share with You : So I put on my thinking cap and remembered...... (posted Dec 22, 4:00am)

The Electronic Replicant by Erik (16)

Saturday Dance Party : Memory is a strange thing. A scent, a flavor, or a sound can bring forth a rush of vivid memories. And the sound of Michael Jackson’s Thriller recalls the memory of the Christmas when I was in fourth grade. (posted Dec 22, 12:55am)

Chaos Attraction by Jennifer (32)

Small Town Christmas Parade : I do not mean to dog on it, but...for a 4 hour round trip and a six+ hour stay in a town that is not as ah, super interesting compared to some of the other places I have been hanging out at, it was probably not super worth it for that amount of time and effort. (posted Dec 22, 12:21am)

Another Spot of Randomness by Alanna the Hobbit (28)

Holidailies Day 21: Testing, Testing : Trying to post from my phone. (posted Dec 21, 11:02pm)

Shmuel's Soapbox by Shmuel (7)

L.A. Face with the Oakland Booty : Y'know, I never set out to compile a page with nothing but links related to "Baby Got Back." And yet here we are! (posted Dec 21, 11:00pm)

Geek with Kids by MRJ (18)

POD: Wrapping by the tree : [Images]Today the kids and I spent some time wrapping presents for Melissa to up under the tree. They really enjoyed wrapping the few gifts we got her, now the only questio (posted Dec 21, 10:33pm)

Patrick's Daily Journal by Patrick (32)

Party #2 : YouTube to the rescue! After watching about 5-10 tutorials, I figured it out, and I managed to tie a bow tie all by myself! (posted Dec 21, 10:26pm)

American Graffiti by Plin (16)

Inkage : "Getting a tattoo" just wasn't something on my personal bucket list, inking for its own sake seemed pointless, so I accepted my tattooless self and went on my merry way. (posted Dec 21, 9:41pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (29)

Mixing it Up : From the time I was fourteen or fifteen years old, I’ve had this fantasy of owning a bookstore/cafe, only it wouldn’t be like the cafes nestled inside Barnes and Noble. Instead, it would be an old house, and each room would have a different theme, and matching menu. (posted Dec 21, 8:38pm)

4 Calling Birds by Rudolph, Holly, Eve and Frosty (32)

How To Make A Snowflake : In tonight's blog, Holly offers her personal recipe for How To Make A Snowflake. (posted Dec 21, 7:45pm)

Chocolate Chip Mint by Lynn C Dot (10)

White Christmas and Peanut Butter : We ate at Charlies Bistro where they offer Myrtle's Turkey Salad Sandwich. This is no ordinary turkey salad, let me tell you. It has the usual ingredients, of course: turkey, mayo, celery. Pretty standard stuff. It also has black olives. I like black olives. And it has peanut butter. I also like peanut butter but wait, what? (posted Dec 21, 7:45pm)

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