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Recent Entries

Visible Woman by Linda Ball (20)

Throw Back Thursday...The Christmas Spirit : ...the Christmas spirit left me when this woman left us. (posted Dec 11, 6:51am)

Catchy Name Needed by Mel (19)

1972 - the nights are stronger than moonshine : ...the doctors would do rounds, trailing a mob of medical students, who were still almost all male, back then, and at 12 I was aware enough of boys to enjoy that quite a lot. (posted Dec 11, 2:39am)

Debra Smouse: Life, Love and Writing by Debra Smouse (9)

Culinary Childhood Memories : Dining with Ladies Who Lunch and capturing a culinary childhood moment. (posted Dec 11, 12:10am)

Stariel Knits by Ariel (17)

Christmas Colors : The holidays are getting closer and the knitting is getting more secret! (posted Dec 11, 12:07am)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (20)

Singing Choruses in Public : Whenever we sang in class and Sister Mary What's Her Name would walk around the room to listen to us, to see if we were on key, I always sang louder when she got near me, hoping she would see what a beautiful voice I had. Somehow she never noticed. (posted Dec 10, 10:49pm)

this little life if mine by lisa-marie (11)

Dreaming : I rarely remember my dreams, but last night I remembered one. Cheers! (posted Dec 10, 10:21pm)

Hat on Top, Coat Below by KarenD (20)

Let's Go Red Wings : Even the taunting was good natured, especially when a woman in our section yelled "Go back home and make some syrup". (posted Dec 10, 9:36pm)

Shmuel's Soapbox by Shmuel (19)

Offbeat Rejects : We both started to wonder whether we were just getting jaded. It turned out, no. (posted Dec 10, 9:25pm)

Tuna News by Green Tuna (17)

Haiku-Ku-Kachoo : Syllables whisper --- fingers tap oh so gently -- Haiku OCD. (posted Dec 10, 8:31pm)

4callingbirds by Rob Rosenberg (20)

Doing The College Dance : Some thoughts from a high school junior about starting the college search. (posted Dec 10, 8:17pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (20)

Traces of Tinsel : This tree is three years old. The previous plastic tree was purchased in 2009. The tree before that, which came with us from California, was purchased in 2002. None of them has ever been close to a box of tinsel. And yet, I keep finding the odd strand. Not clumps, just a strand or two, caught on an ornament, or ... (posted Dec 10, 8:05pm)

American Graffiti by Plin (7)

Living Conditions : They seemed about innocuous as you could get, neighbors-wise. Well, until the violence started. (posted Dec 10, 8:01pm)

Megan knows arse-all about... by blau (19)

Lamingtons. : I am still not sure (it) is good, but is damned intriguing thus far, and has a lot of male nudity, so bonus. (posted Dec 10, 7:16pm)

Where's My Plan? by JohnSherck (15)

Books-in-Progress : As Goodreads likes to remind me every time they send me an update, I am currently reading four different books. That's... probably not a good idea, all in all. And I expect that I'll soon be starting a fifth book, still without finishing the other four, because at this point, why not? (posted Dec 10, 6:53pm)

Patrick's Daily Journal by Patrick Cleary (20)

Shake It Off : I got three kinds of disco lights, because who doesn't need disco lights in their lives? Nobody, that's who doesn't! (posted Dec 10, 6:17pm)

MutteringFooldotcom by Suzy Pietras-Smith (5)

Cranky : I’m cranky. Here’s a list why: (posted Dec 10, 5:07pm)

Chaos Attraction by Jennifer (19)

The Calm Before The Storm : The STORM OF THE CENTURY WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE is coming tonight and is guaranteed to cause blackouts and power outages for days and days. (posted Dec 10, 4:01pm)

Someone in a Tree by Stacey (13)

she knows where her ticket takes her : It’s Stacey Night. The house and the laundry can wait, and the news will continue to be terrible tomorrow. The world can muddle along without me knowing how terrible it is for another twelve hours. (posted Dec 10, 3:40pm)

Wendy's Tumblr by Wendy McClure (10)

The Most Christmas Thing to Ever Happen to Me : Yet MORE old ephemera! The program from the 1979 (I think?) Oak Park Village Players community theatre production of A Christmas Carol. Or I mean, EBENEZER. Or, really, “ebenezer.” (SO Oak Park to be artsy with the lower-case.) It was a musical. (posted Dec 10, 3:36pm)

Still Mindy by Mindy (13)

Today's potato soup : I’m not much of a cook, but I am learning to master some basics, like easy pasta dishes, perfectly-cooked bacon, chicken noodle soup, and as pictured below: potato soup. (posted Dec 10, 3:29pm)

Fauxklore by Miriam (20)

Mostly About Food : I have one request already, for my notorious chocolate rum cheesecake (posted Dec 10, 1:47pm)

Valeroni by Mellie (18)

The outtakes : I will give you one guess as to who the comedian of the family is. (posted Dec 10, 1:26pm)

Ned the Duck by JFHobbit (20)

Day 10: Royals : The basis for this post is the idea that I've been wrestling with about Identity, particularly as a Christian. [Quick disclaimer: Because I'm a Christian, this is by necessity a very Jesus-y post. Read on if you want my view on such things. Or if you're just curious about how I think about my life.] (posted Dec 10, 12:22pm)

baldy hill homestead by Rachel (13)

loving leni : There is much to love about this four-month-and-a-bit-old puppy. Beyond the obvious supercute face, there is such an ebullient personality that drives her actions — one does not chase a ball; one run/hops at full pelt before pouncing and punctuating the move with a final back-leg kick flourish. She smiles at the new day when we go outside for her ... (posted Dec 10, 12:11pm)

a life like this by Kim (11)

lazy day picture post : pictures from my phone (posted Dec 10, 11:08am)

The Many Places of Bella by BellaTheCat (15)

Stealth cat : I like to think of myself as a black shadow, sneaking in to steal a bite every chance I get. (posted Dec 10, 10:36am)

Speaking Confidentially by Lisa Houlihan (11)

weighing insults : During our stint on the desk, she lamented that she had “Rose Tint My World” in her head. “It was great when it all began,” I concurred. My own earworm was “Alas for You” and Godspell is better than RHMP, nyah. We reminisced about Rocky and that was fun. Her story about screening it against her college library wall led ... (posted Dec 10, 10:14am)

Sudden Silence by Wendi Kast (11)

The Generation Gap, Music Version : Oh, honey. All I did in 1974 was listen to the radio. I kept a cassette in the tape deck and my mission in life was to run fast enough across the room to hit ‘record’ when my favorite songs came on the radio. I probably had 5 or 6 cassettes with multiple partial recordings of this song. (posted Dec 10, 10:07am)

Eric's!Daily!Horoscope! by Starzina Starfish-Browne (15)

I woke up in love this morning : Yes, We are aware that We said (almost) the exact same thing yesterday. We were just so OVERWHELMED with the outpouring of concern over Our plight that We thought We’d say it again. We did replace “Lois Lane” with “camels”, so everything old is new again. Except Us. (posted Dec 10, 9:15am)

Red Nose by Bozoette (15)

Skittish : I have gotten wimpier about driving at night in bad weather, so he picked me up early, dropped me off, and then went on to work. (posted Dec 10, 8:04am)

Visible Woman by Linda Ball (20)

The Joy of the Season : We are making a connection with one another in all our sameness and differences. It's a reason to be happy, isn't it? (posted Dec 10, 8:04am)

crickwooder chronicles by Stef (20)

don’t you know the truth hurts : I’m not asking for miracles, but there are singles out there that you can definitely repurpose as Christmas music. (posted Dec 10, 7:17am)

Stariel Knits by Ariel (17)

Holiday Knitting Crunch : Sometimes I do ridiculous things like promise to knit my little cousin a Christmas stocking 2 weeks before Christmas. (posted Dec 9, 11:16pm)

Ned the Duck by JFHobbit (20)

Day 9: I Have A Tired : There was this girl who was in 3rd or 4th grade probably, reading a Judy Blume Fudge book out loud to me for her homework. She got to this one place and stopped, looked at me really panicked and said, "I can't read this word. It's the 's' word." I had a moment of, "what? In a Judy Blume book?" (posted Dec 9, 11:14pm)

Catchy Name Needed by Mel (19)

1971 - don't ya just love it? : I became obsessed with the music on the radio - it was AM radio, It was "top 40" rather than "album rock" but it wasn't the stuff the adults were listening to, either. (posted Dec 9, 10:01pm)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (20)

Off Balance : I hate it when the rhythm of my days is disrupted. I hate that Fuzzy being gone for three nights makes me off-balance for a week. (posted Dec 9, 9:55pm)

Shmuel's Soapbox by Shmuel (19)

Elaine is going to be disappointed again. : Also, I feel guilty billing grad students. (posted Dec 9, 8:57pm)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (20)

Batten Down the Hatches : But thanks to my wonderful husband, all is well that ends well...well, after we hire a plumber to fix things. (posted Dec 9, 8:16pm)

Where's My Plan? by JohnSherck (15)

Daily Movement Practices : Yesterday I blogged about meditation, a practice that I recognize would benefit me greatly if I did it more often than sporadically. Today, I would like to add a few more things that I do do, and wish I did even more often. (posted Dec 9, 8:06pm)

Tuna News by Green Tuna (17)

List and Learn : The following is a list of things I want for Christmas that don't exist because nobody has thought of it yet, or don't exist because nobody knows how to make it yet, or don't exist because it would break the laws of time and space and physics and stuff. (posted Dec 9, 7:46pm)

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