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Aunt Sam Posted on Dec 11, 3:12 am
She was probably the only woman known to God and man in those days who lived in a city the size of Stockton and kept a pig in the house as a pet. Her precious pig was bathed, powdered, often dressed and taken for a stroll, with leash attached, down the streets of Stockton.

Misty Water-colored memories Posted on Dec 10, 2:12 am
When I got my first camera, at age 10, ...I remember so strongly telling myself that the camera would help me "save memories." Having gone through so many photos in the last 3 days, which doesn't begin to make a dent in how many we did NOT go through, makes me realize that I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

Sunday Stealing Posted on Dec 8, 8:12 pm
which mythical creature would you transform into if you could? The Loch Ness Monster, so I could find out where he goes when nobody can see him/her.

Saturday 9 Posted on Dec 8, 12:12 pm
An interesting thing about Peggy King. She never made it big because she looked and sounded too much like Judy Garland (though not in this particular recording)

O Tannenbaum Posted on Dec 7, 8:12 am
By 1982, we were regularly hosting foreign students and that year we had two expected to be with us for Christmas -- Ndangi from (then) Zaire and Chieko from Japan. I think they were a little confused by the whole cutting the tree thing, but came to observe these crazy American customs.

Old Photos Posted on Dec 5, 7:12 pm
There was one of the nicest photos I've seen of my father in his later years. It would be just a few weeks later that my mother would let him know that she was leaving him.

It's Over Posted on Dec 5, 12:12 pm
It was less festive in the "ambulatory surgery" department, where little clumps of people waited -- the person getting surgery and the loved ones who accompanied them.

Austen Syndrome Posted on Dec 4, 1:12 am
At intermission I texted Walt: "I'm suffering Austen syndrome. Have sent Jeri for coffee." ...I'm the one who has never been able to finish anything by Jane Austen and uses the movie of "Pride and Prejudice" to put me to sleep when I have insomnia.

Bing Crosby's Christmas Posted on Dec 2, 9:12 pm
That year all the kids made "ornaments" like this which I encased in plastic but this one seems to be the only one that has survived. I was always sad to lose Ned's "Jesus doing a front dive" ornament (those were the diving years!)

Sunday Stealing Posted on Dec 1, 9:12 pm
Another weekly set of questions, this one with a great photo of the 1714 cathedral on Khizi Island in Russia.

Saturday 9 Posted on Dec 1, 2:12 am
The weekly set of questions, this time based on the music of Chris Montez




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