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this little life of mine by lisa-marie (7)

Happy New Year and Resolutions : Just posting what I resolve to do this coming year. Cheers! (posted Jan 1, 10:27pm)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (23)

Number 12 Looks Just Like You : Best of Holidailies Doppy, my mother pronounced me, a word that doesn’t mean “unattractive,” exactly, but more like “clumsy” or “awkward.” I was that, too, so unskilled at jump rope that in elementary school I volunteered to be the permanent end, just so I could be part of the group. (posted Jan 1, 9:22pm)

Catchy Name Needed by Mel (22)

Resolutions made in spite of myself : I don't normally make resolutions, because I just forget all about them by the end of the week. (posted Jan 1, 9:20pm)

She's Actual Size by Atara (11)

Hello, there, 2014! : So, 2013 was a pretty good year for us, all told. (posted Jan 1, 8:56pm)

Help for the Holidays by porchsitter (31)

Until We Meet Again : Thank you to everyone who read, commented or decided to follow Help for the Holidays. I kept all your web addresses and will soon pay you a return visit. I wish there’d been time to read more of the Holidailies’ blogs but writing every day took longer than I expected. Maybe after blogging daily for a month, it will be ... (posted Jan 1, 8:25pm)

Valeroni by Mellie (26)

2014 - out with the old, in with the new : On this last Holdailies post, I leave you with a bang... Here's a small peek at midnight festivities here in Bayou Blue, Louisiana. Thanks to all who stopped by over the last 32 days!!! May 2014 be your year.... (posted Jan 1, 8:04pm)

Patrick's Daily Journal by Patrick (32)

Happy New Year! : I could call it an office, except it's not where I'm going to work, and I could call it a "man cave," except that's really gross. (posted Jan 1, 7:34pm)

Hat on Top, Coat Below by Karen D (22)

With a Whimper and a Bang : Just at the moment, I’m in no mood to pick apart why I didn’t do what I set out to do, namely, write an average of one post a day for the Holidailies season, something I’ve done pretty consistently for the last how ever many years (I could look it up, but again, not in the mood). (posted Jan 1, 6:47pm)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (32)

2013 Wrap Up : 17. What would you like to have in 2014 that you lacked in 2013? A functional Congress that actually accomplishes something. What an oddity that would be. (posted Jan 1, 5:55pm)

Bloginomicon by Richard S. Crawford (17)

Infested! : My last blog entry for Holidailies... and possibly forever... (posted Jan 1, 5:18pm)

The Many Places of Bella by BellaTheCat (17)

Hello 2014.... farewell Holidailies 2013 : Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2014!! Love, Sassy,Bella, and Pepper (posted Jan 1, 4:43pm)

baldy hill homestead by Rachel (24)

january 1, 2014 : O welcome 2014, this great year I know you are going to be! I do so look forward to the 365 days before us, not because 2013 was a year I’d like to soon forget. No, rather, it is because of the lessons that this past year taught us that I know I am infinitely better prepared to manage the ... (posted Jan 1, 2:59pm)

4 Calling Birds by Rudolph, Holly, Eve and Frosty (32)

Recapping The Year : In our last blog of Holidailies 2013, Holly recaps all of our blogs. Happy New Year to all and thanks for reading! (posted Jan 1, 2:37pm)

Chaos Attraction by Jennifer (32)

Saving Mr. Banks : Much as Travers makes a tough antagonist, as does Walt Disney--I think everyone is kind of an antagonist in this one, I don't know who the hell is exactly the hero--it's kind of sad that their grudge match ends in such a trouncing. (posted Jan 1, 2:07pm)

Kia's Corner by Kia Zi Shiru (28)

Holidailies 28: looking forward to 2014 : So, I kept most of my goals from last year, and I’ve got a couple of goals again this year, though they are a lot fewer than last year. (posted Jan 1, 1:25pm)

Catchy Name Needed by Mel (22)

2013 Movies : Rotten Tomatoes has spoiled me in a way - I don't only go to movies that get very high ratings, but if I go to one that got a lower rating, at least I know to have lower expectations! (And a lot of the time that really helps, I find.) (posted Jan 1, 12:59pm)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (23)

Like Sparks Through the Stubble : The Reverend Robert C. Gribbin was an imposing figure to me then, tall, straight of bearing, swift of stride as he moved through the halls of Bishop McDevitt High School. When I saw him in 2012 for the first time in going on fifty years, he seemed diminished neither in stature nor in sensibility. And he remembered me (posted Jan 1, 11:26am)

Eric's!Daily!Horoscope! by Starzina Starfish-Browne (30)

The One Where Starzina Wrings In The Nude Year‏ : When We arrived in Souf Philly, Our cab driver was frightened by all the up-close-and-personal fireworks and guns going off. It really was like being on the set of a WWII movie; We felt as though We should be saying, “This is Wolf Blitzer reporting from war-torn Souf Philly.” (Or maybe We just like saying “Wolf Blitzer”.) (posted Jan 1, 10:55am)

cygnoir.net by cygnoir (23)

Resolutions aren't my bag. : On my 2013, and resolutions, and doing stuff right damned now. (posted Jan 1, 9:42am)

Still Life With Cats by Jenipurr (21)

The doom that awaits you all : Richard tried, he really did, but one sonic screwdriver isn’t enough to take out this many of them. (posted Jan 1, 8:09am)

Visible Woman by LB (32)

Running In Place : But no resolutions. Although I know I can keep pacts with myself. After all this is my 32nd entry for Holidailies 2013. I not only posted some drivel each day, but I resolved to read a few entries from other people and did it. I really want to continue to keep up with a few of them, too. (posted Jan 1, 7:04am)

MissMeliss: Bathtub Mermaid by MissMeliss (29)

This Is the New Year : Between cooking and chatting and shopping and wrangling dogs I wrote 5,000 words of a story. It’s just fanfic, but it made me happy to write it, and it was posted just after midnight, and I consider the fact that I greeted the new year at my keyboard in a happy, writing groove to be an incredibly auspicious sign. (posted Jan 1, 6:12am)

Notes from Zone 4 by Lisa & Frank Richards (30)

Me and my pack of bitches : We will have gentlemen callers or go on hot sexy vacations, I’ve decided. (posted Jan 1, 5:33am)

Where's My Plan? by John (31)

New Year's Eve 2: The Eve Strikes Back : One of our friends brought a variety of noisemakers to distribute among the children and adults, and I myself grabbed a suitable pot and an equally suitable wooden spoon to do my share of the annual making of the noise. (posted Jan 1, 5:13am)

The Mighty Kymm, The Livejournal Years by Kymm Zuckert (8)

Should Auld Acquaintance : Okay, so this wasn't really what anyone would call a successful Holidailies, on my part, because between dog walking and chicken pox, I just couldn't deal with updating as well. (posted Jan 1, 12:29am)

The Electronic Replicant by Erik (16)

Happy New Year : It's time to ring out the old and ring in the new. (posted Dec 31, 11:40pm)

Catchy Name Needed by Mel (22)

Random photos : My dad was a shrimper, but he retired from shrimping, sold his boat, and spent the rest of his life (as it turned out) as a substitute teacher. (posted Dec 31, 11:34pm)

Another Spot of Randomness by Alanna the Hobbit (28)

Holidailies Day 31: The Last Day : It's the last day of Holidailies. I can't decide if it feels like only yesterday since this month started, or if it feels like this month took freaking forever to get over with. I think it's both. Because wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. (posted Dec 31, 10:56pm)

Bloginomicon by Richard S. Crawford (17)

Birthday Thoughts and Things... : Birthday thoughts and things on the seventh day of Christmas (posted Dec 31, 10:10pm)

baldy hill homestead by Rachel (24)

christmas sparrow : Christmas Sparrow by Billy Collins The first thing I heard this morning was a soft, insistent rustle, the rapid flapping of wings against glass as it turned out, a small bird rioting in the frame of a high window, trying to hurl itself through the enigma of transparency into the spacious light. A noise in the throat of the cat ... (posted Dec 31, 9:38pm)

Funny the World by Bev Sykes (32)

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow : she hadn't mastered the "dogs at the front door" movements yet and both Lizzie and Polly escaped. They went racing off up the street. Jeri handed me Sheila's leash and went after them, but Lizzie wouldn't let her get near her, and catching Polly is impossible. I was in my nice fuzzy sox, no shoes, and trying to catch up ... (posted Dec 31, 8:54pm)

Help for the Holidays by porchsitter (31)

My Faith Story : It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m finally getting around to telling my own faith story. Mom’s story of her brother Tim in 1918 is here and Dad’s WWII story is here. I hadn’t meant to wait until the almost final post but in a way it’s appropriate. My personal miracle on November 22, 1959 was something I didn’t share with ... (posted Dec 31, 8:48pm)

Valeroni by Mellie (26)

Farewell 2013....and Holidailies.... : Now, the last thing I want to do is be on the road. I'd rather build a fire, roast marshmallows, and pop fireworks in my driveway with my family. There is no where better or no one better that I'd rather ring in the new year with than my family. (posted Dec 31, 8:46pm)

this is the nonsensical mass that is my life. welcome. by Raychela (13)

the annual end of year review : What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before? Moved into the largest home that we have lived in together as a couple. I did p90x… for a good while. Had to personally bury a pet that meant very much to me (like literally bury it, put it in the ground, not just lose a pet). Conquered my ... (posted Dec 31, 8:16pm)

4 Calling Birds by Rudolph, Holly, Eve and Frosty (32)

Goodbye 2013 : In tonight's blog, I recall the best of 2013 and ring in 2014. (posted Dec 31, 6:51pm)

Hat on Top, Coat Below by Karen D (22)

2013 Photo Projects : Taking at least a shot a day means I capture not just the bigger moments of my life, like vacations and holidays, but also the smaller ones, like when the satellite signal makes art on my tv screen during a rainstorm. (posted Dec 31, 6:27pm)

Elle Hull - Priestess of Avalon by Elle Hull (13)

Happy New Year : Pretty safe to say I flunked out in my Holidailies quest this year! It was with some good reason though. (posted Dec 31, 2:12pm)

eringilbreth.net by Erin G. (8)

My Word Found Me : The word for 2014 found me this morning while I was riding to work on the N train....just in the nick of time! (posted Dec 31, 2:10pm)

baldy hill homestead by Rachel (24)

gratitude sunday : gratitude — the state of being grateful : thankfulness On this Gratitude Sunday, I am grateful for: Filling the darker days with the soft glow of candles and twinkly fairy lights Catching a (really) good sale! Finishing and shipping the last of the Christmas orders for Baldy Hill Homemade well before the postal deadline Driving through the countryside at night ... (posted Dec 31, 1:08pm)

Markings: Days of Her Life by Margaret DeAngelis (23)

The Best PLace To Be Is Here : I will be saying a prayer, to the close and holy darkness, bringing to mind everyone I have ever known, everyone I know now, everyone I love. I’ll be wondering what the year will bring for all of us. May it be mostly joy. (posted Dec 31, 1:06pm)

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