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Will You Be Mine? Posted on Oct 23, 10:10 am
Halloween wishes and kisses

Thinking Out Loud Posted on Oct 23, 10:10 am
Poem inspired by my mirror-

Now THAT is a treat Posted on Oct 21, 11:10 am
I was pretty excited to find these clips on youtube- they're great Halloween songs that I've never heard before ( well, there was a couple ) Anyway, check it out!

Dancing With The Spirits Posted on Oct 20, 12:10 pm
Learn to do the Time Warp! I've posted a fun tutorial and a couple of clips to dance along too. Have Fun!

Boo Posted on Oct 19, 10:10 pm
My Halloween poem

Perfectly October Posted on Oct 18, 11:10 am
A conversation with my dog about October.

Augie's Field Posted on Oct 18, 11:10 am
Would you want to visit Augie's field? Would the choise be yours?

These Horns Were Made For Tooting Posted on Oct 18, 11:10 am
When Thanksgiving and Halloween collide

Lilly's By The Sea Posted on Oct 18, 11:10 am
A chilling Summer Vacation story

Funny Bones Posted on Oct 14, 3:10 pm
I've been posting Halloween comics at my blog and these are a few of my favorites so far.

Halloween Wishes Posted on Oct 14, 3:10 pm
From last year, but I still have the same Halloween wishes:

The Last House in Kinlin Posted on Oct 14, 3:10 pm
Is it a ghost house? Or a Ghost maker?

The Countdown Posted on Oct 12, 12:10 pm
I started doing a Halloween Countdown back in September- its just a fun thing I do. I post a picture and do a small post about something odd and macabre and spooky. Here is an example of one of the days:

The Happy Cadaver Posted on Oct 12, 12:10 pm
What did you want to be be when you grew up?

The Vertex Posted on Oct 12, 12:10 pm
A ghost story... or is it?

The New House Posted on Oct 8, 4:10 pm
A story about a new house and an old tradition.

Halloween Traditions Posted on Oct 7, 10:10 am
Looking to learn or add some new things to your Halloween traditions? You might find some inspiration here.

Day 26- In Search of Pumpkins Posted on Oct 7, 10:10 am
Post about Blue Pumpkins and I learn a sad truth about Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

Silver Handle Posted on Oct 7, 10:10 am
A story about a short walk home.

Sweet Treats Posted on Oct 5, 10:10 am
The story about a Candy Maker getting ready for Halloween.

Something Olde Something New Posted on Oct 3, 11:10 pm
A story about a young women's very special day

The Landlady Posted on Oct 2, 10:10 am
Empty rooms in an attic for rent...

Passing Time In Starview Heights Posted on Oct 1, 10:10 am
Winter Stroud is passing time in Starview Heights. Want to join her?

In 2020 I Promise Posted on Dec 27, 4:12 pm
My biggest goal for 2020 is...

Merry Mayhem Posted on Dec 20, 4:12 pm
A little spooky but mostly funny Christmas comics.

Hamish Macbeth and Darwin Posted on Dec 20, 4:12 pm
My dog and cat creating a little Christmas Time drama :-)

In A Flash Posted on Dec 12, 11:12 am
My Favorite pictures of 2019

The House In The Field Posted on Dec 11, 4:12 pm
My latest spooky winter short story about a train a dog and a vacant house.

Storms To Write By Posted on Dec 10, 4:12 pm
A trio of ambient videos featuring winter storms and crackling fire places. Very cool!

It's In The Cards Posted on Dec 10, 4:12 pm
A few years ago I stopped sending Christmas cards- I stopped because I really wasn't into the card choices that were out there and anyone who really knows me probably opened the envelope and saw those glittery snowmen and happy children and puppies on sleds and said, " Wow. Anita. Who chose these because you sure didn't." I'd pay good money to know for sure what they were thinking because I'm sure it was a hoot.

Railroad Ghosts of Christmas Past Posted on Dec 9, 4:12 pm
Inspired by true events that have happened where I live.

The Black Paintings Posted on Dec 5, 10:12 am
My family has this tradition where we tell ghost stories during the Holidays. This year I decided to draw some inspiration from the artist Goya and his 'black paintings' That's what this post is about. Scary stuff!

Winter In May Posted on Dec 4, 11:12 am
Last May I to a train and found Snow and dark clouds- I found Winter In May!

Note To The Holiday Haters Posted on Dec 3, 5:12 pm
I might not be the merriest of merry makers but at least I'm not mean about it! So here's a note I wrote to the Haters.

Alexa-Summon Krampus Posted on Dec 3, 11:12 am
My struggle to reclaim the Christmas Spirit

The Wedding Cake Destroyer Posted on Dec 1, 7:12 pm
A Christmas memory that involves a wedding cake.

Taste of Bone Posted on Oct 30, 4:10 pm
Interesting fact about bones-

Pumpkin's Carver Posted on Oct 29, 5:10 pm
Fun little Halloween rhyme

My Monsters Posted on Oct 28, 4:10 pm
Dedicate to my Monsters-

Hail To The King, Baby Posted on Oct 28, 11:10 am
He was a King, he was born 3000 years ago and he got a passport and traveled to France. True story...

The Queen of Halloween Posted on Oct 28, 11:10 am
A great little story from the set of Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff and one of his co-stars.

My Halloween Tree Posted on Oct 28, 11:10 am
I pulled the trigger and got a Halloween tree!

The Garden Over The Hill Posted on Oct 28, 11:10 am
A poem about a sad garden.

Thinking Out Loud Posted on Oct 24, 2:10 pm
Sometimes those quiet thoughts of ours are end up being horribly loud...and monstrous.

Four Heartbreats Posted on Oct 22, 5:10 pm
Trapped by a monster-

Where Nothing Lives Posted on Oct 21, 5:10 pm
A spooky poems inspirited by the Wordpress Prompt "Scream."

Orson and Jules Go Trick or Treating Posted on Oct 21, 5:10 pm
How one family gets into the Halloween Spirit

13th Hour Posted on Oct 21, 4:10 pm
Music for your Halloween listening pleasure by the Midnight Syndicate.

The Quilton Sisters Posted on Oct 18, 11:10 am
A Halloween story about memories.

The Next Chapter Posted on Oct 17, 11:10 am
I wrote a poem about the relationship between a writer and a reader and inspiration- and it's Halloween so it's sort of creepy :-)

Children's Day At The Morgue Posted on Oct 17, 11:10 am
So wrong it's right- one of my favorite Halloween Songs.

It's Your Turn Posted on Oct 15, 11:10 pm
How hungry are you?

The Chair Posted on Oct 14, 5:10 pm
How do you wake up from a nightmare, is it possible?

Best Werewolf Movie EVER Posted on Oct 14, 11:10 am
Shout out to my favorite Halloween Movie!

Famiy Portrait Posted on Oct 14, 11:10 am
My Son and Granddaughter sent me this years Halloween portrait... its- us.

Solitary Soul Posted on Oct 11, 1:10 pm
A short story about a solitary traveler.

Cooking The Goose Posted on Oct 10, 12:10 pm
I had a little Halloween Fun with some Mother Goose Rhymes!

Marjory Blair Posted on Oct 9, 5:10 pm
A macabre poem.

The Mystical Madame Esme Posted on Oct 8, 5:10 pm
Who doesn't want to visit a Fortune Teller on Halloween night? What could possible go wrong?

The Hearse Song Posted on Oct 8, 10:10 am
My favorite version of " The Hearse Song "

Classes Posted on Oct 8, 10:10 am
There's a class for everyone, the problem is some of us are truly meant to be in a class of our own.

Halloween Cerebration Posted on Oct 7, 11:10 am
Some of us put our hearts and souls and minds into our Halloween Costumes.

Footprints Posted on Oct 7, 11:10 am
One a dark and snowy night...

The Broken Sky Posted on Oct 3, 1:10 pm
Flora’s Father saw his daughter drifting towards them- God, it looked like she was disappearing right before his eyes. His poor baby who should have had nothing but time to waste and enjoy looked so tired. Nobody that young should look the way his daughter did.

Baby Tahnoose Posted on Oct 2, 12:10 pm
The horrors of perfection-

The Dinner Party Posted on Oct 1, 10:10 am
Some people will proudly say that they are big picture people, others say they pay more attention to the small details. And then there are people like Gaia Bianchi and Kip Massey

The Writer Posted on Feb 7, 5:02 pm
For my 2019 Thingadaily project I decided to write a little daily story in the form of a poem about a writer and the story in her head that will do ANYTHING to be told. Because I'm six parts in, this page is a link to the parts I have up so far.

Enter Stage Left Posted on Dec 26, 6:12 pm
I wonder about my New Years Resolution

The Christmas Party Posted on Dec 24, 3:12 pm
A family mystery!

My Letter to Santa Posted on Dec 24, 3:12 pm
My Letter to the guy in red!

Nan's Parlor Posted on Dec 17, 12:12 pm
A Christmas Eve adventure from my long ago past.

Best In Christmas 2018 Posted on Dec 17, 12:12 pm
My FAVORITE Christmas Special this year...

Before It Gets Dark Posted on Dec 14, 2:12 pm
Inspired by the Australian legend of the Bunyip.

The Cat Did It, Of Course Posted on Dec 14, 2:12 pm
Christmas Cat Humor!

The Touch of WInter Posted on Dec 14, 2:12 pm
When the cold gets you.

The Tastes of Winter Posted on Dec 10, 6:12 pm
From a prompt that asks to describe the Tastes of Winter.

Home Posted on Dec 10, 6:12 pm
I wonder about what makes a home a home...

It's A Stephen King Kind of Christmas Posted on Dec 10, 6:12 pm
Redrum Christmas Jokes

Glittery Cards and Edible Bugs Posted on Dec 7, 5:12 pm
My Christmas Writing adventure / challenge continues and today I consider Glittery Cards and Edible Bugs

Confectioner On Deck Posted on Dec 6, 10:12 am
Day 5 of my Christmas Writing Advent-ure continues

26 Reasons Posted on Dec 5, 11:12 am
26 Things that I am VERY grateful for.

The Dwelling Posted on Dec 4, 11:12 am
My second installment of my holiday writing 'advent-ure'

Yule Ties Posted on Dec 3, 10:12 am
My Christmas Writing Adventure begins!

By The Chimeny With Care Posted on Dec 3, 10:12 am
They are waiting by my Chimney with care.

The Christmas Pie Story Posted on Dec 1, 12:12 pm
When I was lititle I asked a simple question and almost ruin a Christmas Pie.

Honored Guests Posted on Oct 31, 5:10 pm
Werewolves in SODO ( Seattle ) Maybe...

Bronson Place Posted on Oct 30, 4:10 pm
We all come from somewhere and we all go the end.

On Which We Live Posted on Oct 30, 4:10 pm
What do I see when I travel around the States on Halloween? You'd be surprised.

As A Matter of Fact, I Did Find That Amusing Posted on Oct 29, 5:10 pm
My funny bone gets tickled at my sister's Halloween yard decorations.

Sounds Like A Plan Posted on Oct 29, 4:10 pm
My favorite pictures that I took at the Historic Voodoo Museum in New Orleans on Halloween.

Rest Stop Posted on Oct 29, 1:10 pm
Places where you can rest your weary bones ;-)

Halloween Whispers Posted on Oct 29, 1:10 pm
Halloween Whispers- inspired by an Inktober prompt

The Sly Dog Inn Posted on Oct 29, 1:10 pm
A bit of spooky Pirate fun all wrapped up in a poem

Care To Danse Posted on Oct 29, 1:10 pm
In Invitation to danse.

Mr Gale's Funeral Posted on Oct 26, 4:10 pm
Planning, it's all in the planning

Someone Is Wicked Posted on Oct 25, 12:10 pm
Just feeling a little spooky because it's Halloween- some fun pics I've taken over the years

Here For You Posted on Oct 23, 2:10 pm
A Promise Made...

The Abanonded House On Elman Drive Posted on Oct 22, 4:10 pm
All Abandoned Houses have secrets. This is a story where you find one out for yourself.

You Had One Job Hamish Macbeth Posted on Oct 19, 12:10 pm
My dog's hilarious reaction to Halloween Display.

Written In Stone Posted on Oct 19, 12:10 pm
Pictures I took of gravestones from New Orleans, Wisconsin and Washington State

The Magic Bottles Posted on Oct 18, 11:10 am
A macabre poems about bottles.

The Serriform Posted on Oct 17, 3:10 pm
Some spooky pictures I took at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum in Wisconsin back in May.

Just A Taste Posted on Oct 17, 3:10 pm
If a vampire could write a valentine, this is what I think she would say.

Treat Time Posted on Oct 17, 3:10 pm
Want to see something really scary? Here are some new movies to watch this Halloween!

Almost THere Posted on Oct 17, 3:10 pm
A poem about the last two weeks before Halloween

The Year My Halloween Mask Tried To Kil Me Posted on Oct 12, 2:10 pm
Costumes are more elaborate now- and I’m pretty sure they’re non-flammable and the masks won’t kill you by strangulation but I have to wonder if that sense of danger coming from our killer costumes and parents who told us that our candy could have been poisoned so they were going to take it and throw it away gave an extra thrill to the night that kids just don’t get anymore.

My True Story- The Death of an Artist Posted on Oct 11, 12:10 pm
I have always wanted to draw I have always wanted to put lines and color together and have them tell a story I have always wanted to be an artist.

Vintage Halloween Songs Posted on Oct 9, 3:10 pm
Cool Find at Youtube! Vintage Halloween/ Autumn songs from the early 1900's to the 1950's.

The Fall Posted on Oct 9, 3:10 pm
Fall, I love the fall and when it's spooky. Well-

Oh Just Hush Yourself Posted on Oct 8, 6:10 pm
A little thought on Grave Dancing

Haunted Posted on Oct 8, 6:10 pm
Would You Spend The Night In A Haunted House?

The Clock Tower Posted on Oct 5, 5:10 pm
Do you know what its like to be under a spell? I think I do.

Assembly of Bones Posted on Oct 4, 10:10 pm
An ode to Halloween

I Remember Basin Street Posted on Oct 3, 4:10 pm
A macabre thought ( with pictures!) I took away from my Halloween trip to New Orleans a few years ago.

It Was That Kind of Day Posted on Oct 2, 3:10 pm
Sometimes you just have to raise a little hell to prove your point

The Pumpkin Patch Posted on Oct 1, 2:10 pm
A little thought about Pumpkins and what is inside of them.

Time To Make Merry! Posted on Dec 22, 2:12 pm
Tonight after I leave work, it will be the beginning of a long Christmas weekend and this is how I plan on kicking it off!

Lye Still Posted on Dec 20, 6:12 pm
I begin a creative project that's a little macabre but still interesting- Cemetery Exploration! The Response if from an " Advent-ure Calendar check it out!

Carols From My Enduring Bones Posted on Dec 20, 6:12 pm
Three of my favorite Christmas Carols with Merry Little Twists!

Thank You Hamish Macbeth Posted on Dec 19, 1:12 pm
My Best Friend Saves Christmas- and me.

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot Posted on Dec 19, 1:12 pm
The Lost Art of telling Ghost Stories at Christmas and why we need to bring it back!

Is Anybody There? Posted on Dec 19, 1:12 pm
Chilly little Christmas post

Who Put THAT In THe Punch Bowl? Posted on Dec 14, 12:12 pm
Confession of the worst Christmas Gift Give EVER

How Sweet It Is Posted on Dec 14, 11:12 am
My Poem about a perfect Christmas

So Far!!!! Posted on Dec 12, 11:12 am
Guess what! It's the 13th Day to Christmas and you know what THAT means. Well. Nothing.Unless you're not a little macabre like and notice stuff like that. Anyway, I hope you'll stop and check out my Christmas-ish posts at my blog- it's fun, it's an easy read and you get to walk around a little in my head. YAY!

Holiday Chocolates, A Ghost And A Mirror Posted on Dec 11, 6:12 pm
Last month I learned this great ghost story- it involved chocolate, a mirror and a ghost with missing fingers. The night I learned the story, it was chilly and it was just starting to rain and better yet the shop was closed at the time, so we were all lined up at the window peering into the darkness towards the back of the shop where the mirror is.

Shadows of Christmas Past Posted on Dec 10, 1:12 am
A Collection of pictures that whisper " Shadows of Christmas Past:

In My Bones Posted on Dec 8, 4:12 pm
A few thoughts on movies that put me in the Christmas Spirit

Look What I Got In The Mail Today Posted on Dec 7, 3:12 pm
I am not sure why anyone else thought these would make fun and amusing Christmas Greeting Cards- but I thought they were hilarious and I am truly sorry I didn't create them myself:

Picture This Posted on Dec 6, 3:12 pm
This year I've been exploring a new creative avenue-

Deck The Halls With Skulls and Wait- What? Posted on Dec 6, 3:12 pm
When Halloween and Christmas meet!

COD Posted on Dec 6, 3:12 pm
My Christmas Card Dilemma- oh NO!

The Christmas Tree That Almost Wasn't Posted on Dec 5, 4:12 pm
I haven't put a tree up for years, and I wasn't even sure it was a good idea after I was done until...

Dream A little home for me Posted on Dec 4, 12:12 pm
My dream home !

What A Little Mischief Can Do Posted on Oct 31, 11:10 am
My first Mischief Night Adventure- the beginning!

Deck The Halls Posted on Oct 15, 1:10 am
I visit a Halloween shop and things don't really go as planned

Wax Lips Posted on Oct 13, 11:10 am
Suffering from the Halloween Holiday Blues? Can't figure out where to go for fun or what to wear? Here's a story about Milo and Jingle and one of their most challenging H'ween Nights to date.

From The Corner of My Eye Posted on Oct 11, 2:10 pm
Glimpses of the odd and macabre from the corner of my eye. Photos from Post Street Alley.

Our Day Involved Zombies Posted on Oct 7, 11:10 am
Fun with Horror at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington

The Quiet Statue Posted on Oct 7, 9:10 am
All sorts of things are springing to life right now! Is that a good thing I wonder? Poem and Photos by A.M. Moscoso

Found Halloween Posted on Oct 4, 12:10 pm
I'm finding traces of Halloween here and there. Here's a few photos of what I've found so far.

Forever Midnight Posted on Oct 1, 1:10 pm
A poem about the long wait to Halloween!

Halloween 2017 Posted on Oct 1, 11:10 am
I've been posting some Pre-October Halloween Posts for about a week or so at my blog. Most of the posts are H'ween pictures and Photos but fun to look at!Here's a link to the category section so you can catch up amm

Where The Magic Happens Posted on Feb 2, 12:02 pm
Time to get creative- first up- I create a space dedicated to making the magic that is writing happen.

Ode To The True Hero of 2016 Posted on Jan 1, 11:01 pm
My Heartfelt tribute to the true hero of 2016

2017_ Do You Take This Woman? Posted on Dec 30, 6:12 pm
I consider my relationship with the New Year.

The Last Of The Spirits Posted on Dec 30, 6:12 pm
I really don't wan the Holiday Season to end.

A Day Less Jolly Posted on Dec 27, 6:12 pm
I brave the post Christmas Shopping experience and fail.

Tell Your Grandfather I Said Hello Posted on Dec 27, 3:12 pm
Christmas is always Merrier when the macabre steps in

Clean Up With Krampus Posted on Dec 23, 2:12 pm
Even cleaning up at Christmas can be fun if you do it in the spirit of Krampus

A Bike, The Mumps and Christmas Snow Posted on Dec 22, 3:12 pm
A story about snow, the mumps and Christmas

The Knock Upon My Door Posted on Dec 21, 5:12 pm
A few things that I have been inspired by- King Tut and Harley Davidson, yes really.

My Favorite Christmas Song of 2016 Posted on Dec 21, 4:12 pm
My favorite Christmas song of 2016!

Beautifully Vicious Posted on Dec 20, 11:12 pm
A loving tribute to Winter

You Better Be Good Posted on Dec 20, 11:12 pm
My Letter To Santa

Merry Memories Posted on Dec 18, 5:12 pm
There are new Christmas memories waiting to happen in a few days, this was inspired by some older ones I've been reflecting on

Number #1 at My Enduring Bones Posted on Dec 18, 2:12 am
The Best The Bones Could Find!

The Holly and The Hamish Posted on Dec 16, 11:12 am
Christmas memories in the making and they involve my awesome dog, Hamish Macbeth.

Amuse Bouche Winter Posted on Dec 15, 2:12 am
What my winter has been like this year.

Winter Delights Posted on Dec 15, 2:12 am
My favorite Christmas Treats.

Top Five Christmas Songs at My Enduring Bones Posted on Dec 14, 12:12 pm
Here are my favorite top five Christmas Songs- videos of each are included. amm

Hail Santa! Posted on Dec 12, 3:12 am
Santa's Grotto-and other ideas about the Jolly Old Elf

Game ON Posted on Dec 12, 3:12 am
One of my family's favorite Christmas Traditions

All That Glitters Is Cold Posted on Dec 11, 1:12 am
Decorations aren't so much fun anymore and I wish they were.

10 Winter Musings Posted on Dec 10, 11:12 pm
10 Reasons Why I Needed To Write at that exact moment

Mrs Claus Below The Stars Posted on Dec 10, 12:12 am
What does Mrs Claus do went Santa is away?

Christmas Knives and Fiji Mermaids Posted on Dec 8, 12:12 am
The Most Perfect Gift in the world.

Frosted Posted on Dec 5, 12:12 am
Frosted-My favorite Winter Memory

Millions of Burned Out Stars Posted on Dec 4, 12:12 am
On a dark and snowy night...

Ode To Winter Posted on Dec 3, 3:12 am
I love Winter and this is why:

List THIS Santa! Posted on Dec 2, 10:12 am
I go in search of and find the Christmas Spirit and it was a very Merry Journey.

Welcome Winter In Posted on Dec 1, 12:12 am
Welcome Winter...

One Night Posted on Oct 31, 11:10 pm
Our neighborhood doesn’t get any Trick or Treaters anymore. We haven’t had visits from ghosts or vampires or werewolves or mummies or a single witch for years...

Ode To A Raven Posted on Oct 30, 11:10 pm
What is knocking upon my door?

Aunt Domino's Sewing Room Posted on Oct 30, 11:10 pm
A story about one family's heck of a good Halloween Party

Momento Mori Posted on Oct 30, 11:10 pm
I take a trip to a cemetery and learn a new story.

Trick Or Scream: A Vintage Halloween Posted on Oct 28, 11:10 am
Halloween is old school- or it should be.

Feeling Grave Posted on Oct 28, 10:10 am
It's Halloween and I'm feeling a little grave

Date Night Posted on Oct 28, 10:10 am
Halloween Date Night-what could be more fun?

Shrouded Posted on Oct 28, 10:10 am
Why does death hide it's face?

Let's Haunt The Halls Posted on Oct 24, 10:10 pm
Something to inspire your Halloween Decorating efforts

And It Never Sleeps Posted on Oct 24, 10:10 pm
A Poem about Blood..because it's Halloween...right? RIght

Was Not...Was So Posted on Oct 24, 10:10 pm
Halloween cartoons! YAY!

Treat Time! Posted on Oct 23, 11:10 pm
A post featuring a fun video parody of Supernatural and I caught the Green Fairy in a glass...!

Is anybody There? Posted on Oct 23, 11:10 pm
There is a field near my house full of graves and bones I used to wander by that field and call out “Is anyone at home?”...

Lucy and Hamish Are Waiting Posted on Oct 21, 11:10 am
Halloween in a cemetery, what could happen?

Treat Me Posted on Oct 21, 11:10 am
Treat for Me? An invitation to a special Halloween Dinner

The Oldest Story In The World Posted on Oct 21, 11:10 am
The oldest Halloween Story In The World: When Boy Corpse Meets Girl Cadaver

Halloween Welcoming Posted on Oct 17, 12:10 am
A picture story!

Halloween Danse Posted on Oct 17, 12:10 am
An Invitation To Halloween Danse

Thoughts Were Hre Posted on Oct 15, 2:10 am
I consider Night Fall

All Who Enter Here Posted on Oct 13, 12:10 am
A Chilling Story On A Sunny Day

The Year I Took The Tooth Fairy To The Cleaners Posted on Oct 12, 1:10 am
Penny Candies and missing teeth and a little girls dream comes true.

To Grandmother's House We Go Posted on Oct 11, 12:10 am
” How come we only go to Grandma’s house at night?” I asked my Mom a very long time ago. Good question...

A Collection of Bones Posted on Oct 10, 1:10 pm
So far I have written something Halloween inspired everyday this month! Here's a link to what I have up so far:

The Princess of Darkness Posted on Oct 9, 12:10 am
When your Halloween Costume Brings Out The Real You.

Blooms Posted on Oct 8, 2:10 am
On Being Haunted

Demonic Kleenex Ads Posted on Oct 6, 5:10 pm
Urban Legends are fun but they're really fun at Halloween! Here's a new one on me...

Death By Creepy Clown Posted on Oct 5, 11:10 am
It's Time We Had A Serious Talk About Clowns.

Happy Build Your Own Monster Day Posted on Oct 4, 12:10 am
DIY Monster Making Day

The Ghost Hunter Posted on Oct 3, 12:10 am
A Poem About A Ghost Hunter!

My Insistent Bones Posted on Oct 2, 12:10 am
When Bones Roam

Prelude To An All Hallow's Eve Posted on Oct 1, 12:10 am
How one family gets the Halloween Spirit

That Hurt My Brain Posted on Feb 23, 1:02 pm
The Day I Sprained My Brain

So Where Have You Been? Posted on Feb 23, 1:02 pm
Mini Adventures can be fun too...

The Lines Are our friends Posted on Feb 23, 1:02 pm
So in an effort to do a new thing a day, I fell behind in my writing. Grrr HOWEVER I have done some fun things- like re-discovered a very fun past time...and I still can't color in the lines ...

The Monster In My Head Walks Posted on Feb 8, 12:02 am
Fun with writing prompts! I'm playing with poetry and found a fun prompt to work with. Hope you'll check it out!

Brothers and Paws Posted on Feb 5, 3:02 pm
A story of two tails.

Because I Don't have enough to write about already Posted on Feb 1, 5:02 pm
I have a second blog where I take on various writing adventures- the prompts are provided by the website Soul Food Café and it's been fun. If you'd like to take a look it's here:

Apples, Muses and Me Posted on Jan 1, 11:01 pm
What I learned taking the Holidailies challenge was a lesson learned in the nick of time....

The King's Highway Posted on Jan 1, 12:01 am
A few songs that would turn up in the soundtrack of my life...and boy are they good!

Dracula Goes To Church Posted on Dec 30, 11:12 pm
I don't know WHY this was my favorite post of 2015. I think it's because it involved a cat, a cemetery and Dracula.

Three Little Things Posted on Dec 30, 10:12 pm
I resolve to accomplish these three little things in '16

The Karma Bus Stops Here Posted on Dec 29, 10:12 pm
My Best Experience EVER in getting rid of something.

2016 Posted on Dec 28, 9:12 pm
Recycling Christmas is a frame of mind.

Nothing To See Here…Let’s Move Along Folks Posted on Dec 27, 11:12 pm
If you could invent any holiday, what would it be? It involves candy and love and excitement...and if you guessed Valentines Day're wrong.

Strange Posted on Dec 26, 1:12 pm
:::Holidailies Prompt::: The strangest thing in the room. Hmmmm....wondering....

She's Joking, Right? Posted on Dec 24, 3:12 pm
I was prompted to think about what kind of gift I'd like to be. And this is it. Ho Ho Ho

Crunchy Snow and Comic Books Posted on Dec 24, 3:12 am
My Favorite Christmas Snow Memory...and my hopeful snow plans for the future.

Got Spirit Posted on Dec 22, 10:12 pm
Trying to find the Christmas Spirit...

That Time At The Dinner Party Posted on Dec 21, 11:12 pm
The one rotten moment in my life I'd love to change.

The Mystery Of My Favorite Christmas Song Posted on Dec 21, 12:12 am
A Christmas Mystery that involves Christmas Music. How perfect is this?

There's A Monster Under My Bed...YAY Posted on Dec 20, 1:12 am
A holiday story about Monsters, my dog and Lifesavers candy.

Hark! Who Goes There? Posted on Dec 19, 1:12 am
The road to Cyberspace is paved with the remains of the real world.

The Turkey Incident Posted on Dec 17, 11:12 pm
A turkey left unguarded a giant dog and three little kids. What could go wrong?

Once Upon a Time Posted on Dec 16, 10:12 pm
My family and the Santa Experience or a Christmas post at last!

Just Sign Here Posted on Dec 16, 12:12 am
New Years Resolutions V Pacts with the Devil. Explore the options on today's post at My Enduring Bones,

Do Not Open Till…Never Would Be Good Posted on Dec 14, 10:12 pm
My Christmas Brag Letter. Be Warned.

My Wall Posted on Dec 13, 9:12 pm
Voodoo Dolls and their importance in the creative process or- how I learned to fight my monsters

When Words Collide Posted on Dec 12, 9:12 pm
After doing 12 posts I decide to introduce myself to the Holidaily readers- but I'm boring. So I thought I'd introduce you to my writing instead. LOL

A Song About Lonely Street Posted on Dec 11, 10:12 pm
It's a song that captured my imagination- and why wouldn't it? It's scary, it's history is macabre and it was sung by Elvis.

The Bantam Scripter Posted on Dec 10, 11:12 pm
A little story about a little writer and monsters. Of course.

The Pleasure Of Your Company Posted on Dec 9, 11:12 pm
Fenella Lindsey receives an invitation to the Danse and things get a little macbre.

The Silent Night Posted on Dec 9, 12:12 am
A Silent Night Falls on Leaning Birches and the creatures are not stirring. That can't be good, can it?

Ta-Dah! The Year I Saved Christmas Posted on Dec 7, 10:12 pm
My family disappears into a cellar full of wine on Christmas eve and it's up to one nine year old girl to save them all!

You’re Really Pushing It Here Anita Posted on Dec 6, 9:12 pm
The family that agrees to cheat at games together stays together! My family plays board games and risks their immortal souls in the process.

Ho Ho… Oh NO …. Anita NO! Posted on Dec 5, 11:12 pm
Crayons,Shrunken Heads and Krampus or: The Best Homemade gifts EVER.

The Grave Tale Of Noire Marie Posted on Dec 5, 2:12 am
Christmas Traditions, Ghosts, Cookies! Yay!

Slow The Endless Night Posted on Dec 3, 11:12 pm
Nothing says fun writing like thinking about how I would spend the last day of my life if the world was ending!

The Hit Song Posted on Dec 2, 10:12 pm
Christmas Shoes, evil children and hot chocolate. A story based on " The Christmas Shoes " song.

Over River And Through The Valley Of The Kings Posted on Dec 1, 10:12 pm
My Holiday Dream Vacation involves Mummies, curses and the




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