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The train Picture tradition: posted on Dec 2, 1:58 am by bevsykes (Funny the World) - 2 entries
Our family "train" picture through the years. (0 likes)

School Stuff: posted on Dec 1, 11:41 pm by Richard (Bloginomicon) - 1 entry
In which I babble about me and library school. (0 likes)

The Perfect Return To Office Plan: posted on Dec 1, 10:15 pm by 4callingbirds (4 Calling Birds) - 1 entry
In tonight's blog, some opposing viewpoints on return to office plans. (0 likes)

Still Jingling: posted on Dec 1, 10:09 pm by Margaret DeAngelis (Markings: Days of Her Life) - 1 entry
"But then the brain fog came back, worsening over the summer and then into the fall. I took an online class to further my novel that I couldn’t keep up with because I kept misinterpreting the weekly assignments. One evening, Ron asked where the colander was, and I said, “It’s in the . . . the . . . the box for laundering the plates.” The dishwasher, a word I could not retrieve, though I was looking at the appliance at that very moment." (0 likes)

Deck the Halls: posted on Dec 1, 5:10 pm by bevsykes (Funny the World) - 2 entries
It's December, so my son has started decorating the house. He's great with lights! (1 like)

Love and Death and Stephen Sondheim: posted on Dec 1, 5:08 pm by Miriam (Fauxklore) - 1 entry
Including 10 Sondheim songs I recommend. (0 likes)

Holidailies Returns!: posted on Dec 1, 4:17 pm by bozoette (Red Nose) - 1 entry
Not only is it Holidailies, it's Inkvent! (0 likes)

It's Holidailies Time!: posted on Dec 1, 3:56 pm by nebulopathy (Nebulopathy) - 1 entry
A quick recap of my year plus a plan for Holidailies. Or maybe not so much a plan as a threat. It depends on how you take it. But there's a pet photo, so it's all good. (0 likes)

13: posted on Dec 1, 3:37 pm by Suzy (Mutteringfool.com) - 1 entry
even if I am feeling no joy in the spirit of the time of year, I am trying. (0 likes)

One Month Ago Today: posted on Dec 1, 2:40 pm by KarenD (Hat on Top, Coat Below) - 1 entry
In which I leave home. (0 likes)

"Night Rider: a Story of the Legacy" by R.G. Roberts: posted on Dec 1, 2:24 pm by Theresa (Vella Reviews) (Theresa Reviews... Kindle Vella Serials) - 1 entry
This one has a note for new readers. If you're wondering what the heck Vella is, I explain it here. Today's serial is epic fantasy with all the trappings. If you're into that sort of thing, check it out! (0 likes)

Hello, December: posted on Dec 1, 2:13 pm by Mellie (Valeroni) - 1 entry
November has slipped quietly away so hello December. Also, hello Holidailies. I signed up to participate again this year in hopes it motivates me to get back to blogging. It's old habit now so how can I not? (0 likes)

Thanksgiving Recap: posted on Dec 1, 2:10 pm by sherck (Where's My Plan?) - 1 entry
Did I intend to eat turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and every pie from pumpkin to pecan on Thanksgiving? I did. But did I eat any of those things? I did not. And that wasn't the only thing that was unintended about last Thursday. Was watching Ohio State lose to its rival up north on Saturday a painful experience for my wife and me? Yes, but not even close to the most painful thing that happened to us over the Thanksgiving break. I was relaxing when the screaming started... (0 likes)

Yep. I Did it.: posted on Dec 1, 10:36 am by animos (My Enduring Bones) - 1 entry
I wrote this about my adventure in tree decorating just before Thanksgiving. It seems like a good post to kick off the holiday season with. (1 like)

This Year's Recap: posted on Dec 1, 10:28 am by jenfullmoon (Chaos Attraction) - 1 entry
I told him I was "dialing back" our relationship after that, which so far isn't going like you'd expect. (1 like)

Dainty and Delicious: posted on Dec 1, 10:09 am by Jenipurr (Still Life, With Cats) - 1 entry
...and when we did our trip to Ireland back in 2006 I made a point of ordering it every where I could, until I was probably composed entirely of sticky toffee pudding by the end. (1 like)

Another movie update: posted on Dec 1, 3:26 am by Mellicious (Catchy Name Needed 3.0) - 1 entry
I'm doing the easy thing today and talking about movies. (0 likes)




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