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Tropical Plants Posted on Dec 10, 10:12 pm
Hibiscus are my favorite, I think. I have eight or so varieties. A vanilla bean orchid! Two different types of bamboo. Poinsettia is a bush here in Hawaii!

Doggy Daycare Posted on Dec 10, 7:12 am
Can you believe Gaela was squeezing though those slats and jumping down a story to get out?

Double Rainbow Posted on Dec 9, 1:12 pm
Lobster pizza and a double rainbow. Must be Hawaii.

Reading and Writing Posted on Dec 9, 1:12 am
At some point, I realized that I can write when I read. If I stop reading, I stop writing. And for some reason, when I read, I seem to need to write.

60 Percent Posted on Dec 8, 3:12 am
One of the doctors last week did some tests on my short term memory, and I got the results today: 60% on almost every one.

Delivery Day Posted on Dec 6, 11:12 pm
I needed to leave by 6, set my alarm for 5, and was woken up by Disa barking at something at 5 minutes to 6.

Out of Whack Posted on Dec 5, 11:12 pm
My blood work looks like someone with a very bad eating disorder electrolytes all out of whack, blood sugar of 35, low on every vitamin and mineral possible. Oops. If I only had an appetite.

Sun Therapy Posted on Dec 4, 10:12 pm
Vitamin D for the win!

28 Years Posted on Dec 4, 12:12 am
Frank and I were married 28 years ago today.

Wake up, sleepyhead! Posted on Dec 17, 7:12 pm
Hey, the milkbar is open!

6 Boys, 1 Girl Posted on Dec 16, 6:12 pm
Decisions, decisions!

Teakettles Posted on Dec 14, 9:12 pm
Two day old puppies sound like teakettles.

Squeaky Ball Addicts Posted on Dec 10, 9:12 pm
I need to buy stock in the company that makes these damn balls.

Puppies on the brain Posted on Dec 9, 9:12 pm
Guess the date and number of puppies.

Chick Therapy Posted on Dec 8, 9:12 pm
I should absolutely NOT start up my incubator. Right? Right.

My gaggle of geese Posted on Dec 7, 9:12 pm
I've had my flock of geese for almost 8 years!

Goat proofing Posted on Dec 6, 9:12 pm
Goat proofing ain't for sissies!

Gaela's Getting Close Posted on Dec 5, 7:12 pm
Last time, she wanted nothing to do with it, and insisted on being in a closet. Having five black puppies in a dark closet in the middle of the night? Not my funnest time, let me just say.

Petting Prys Posted on Dec 4, 8:12 pm
The first chore of the day is the best chore: petting Pyrs.

Camper Coop Posted on Dec 3, 8:12 pm
We hauled all our critters from Vermont to Missouri earlier this year in a 17 foot camper that a neighbor had sitting in his yard, mostly gutted. All it needed was new tires, and it worked out really well. The theory was that this year would be figuring out the new space and plotting and scheming about what to build and where.

Bringing home the bacon Posted on Dec 2, 9:12 pm
Every day that I work, I save all of my kitchen prep and food that would otherwise go to waste and bring it home to the critters.

Still Fermenting Posted on Jan 12, 12:01 am
I’m a big believe in free-feeding. I do not like it when I have hungry critters. So I try to have food available to them all the time, and they free range, so no one should ever be hungry.




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