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Scenes from Life with Beans (aged almost 3) Posted on Dec 10, 9:12 pm
Life with a toddler is an absurd little comedy.

Under the wire Posted on Dec 9, 12:12 am
I just barely got this posted before midnight, and the reason why it was both difficult and easier than it might have been, are because technology. Including an iPhone hack or two that I picked up today.

Wintertide in a small world Posted on Dec 7, 11:12 am
Wednesday night, one of the choirs I sing in had its dress rehearsal for our upcoming concert. Lots of professional musicians joined us, including a soprano soloist, who looked awfully familiar from somewhere. And then I realized it. Once upon a time, this woman was my mother.

Wrestling Posted on Dec 6, 11:12 pm
Today, my middle daughter, age 6, had her first wrestling practice. My wife and I were really only surprised that it's taken her this long: she's been physically dominating her older sister since she was, like, two.

False Advertising Posted on Dec 5, 10:12 pm I ran up to the driver's side and banging on the window, yelling "Tell me about--"

Enjoy the journey--sometimes' that all there is Posted on Dec 4, 1:12 pm
Inspiration struck today, as I decided to take Beans (our almost-three-year-old) to the library for story time. The brilliance of the plan was that I had the idea early enough to bring it to fruition. Theoretically.

What's Happening Next Door Posted on Dec 3, 10:12 pm
When neighbors start talking about who does and doesn't shovel sidewalks, WATCH OUT. It's about to get real.

Welcome back to Holidailies! Posted on Dec 2, 3:12 pm
It's been a while. Here's a brief introduction to my Holidailies and blogging history, as well as the kinds of things I tend to blog about.




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