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Coffee for Christmas Posted on Dec 27, 9:12 pm
One of my presents was the most amazing coffee maker. Amazingly small, but amazing nonetheless.

Merry Christmas Posted on Dec 26, 8:12 pm
A day late, but...

It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas... Posted on Dec 24, 5:12 pm
And it's about time. (Also, I already got a cool toy!)

Argreements Posted on Dec 24, 1:12 pm
Just a reminder for anyone who needs to hear it: just because people stop arguing with you doesn't mean you're right, and it doesn't mean that they don't think you're underinformed, an idiot, and/or a jackass.

Sentimental Christmas Posted on Dec 23, 7:12 pm
My idea was vetoed before it could come up for a vote.

The Year in Books: First Trimester Posted on Dec 23, 2:12 pm
I've logged a stunning--even to myself--94 books this year. Here's a summary of what I read in the first third of the year.

Heimat Posted on Dec 22, 5:12 pm
A sense of place, of family, of brotherhood, and the first song I sang to each of my newborn children.

Keep spinning those pots Posted on Dec 22, 11:12 am
Obviously, when I was thinking about how Holidailies would go, a 2-week break in the middle was not in the plan.

Concert Compliment Posted on Dec 9, 8:12 pm
Sometimes a compliment lands badly, through no fault of your own.

Concert Season Posted on Dec 8, 6:12 pm
Choir concert(s)

It's Been a Week Posted on Dec 7, 4:12 pm
Too little sleep, too much puke, and an injury in the family to top it off.

My new look? Posted on Dec 6, 10:12 pm
My daughters don't paint my nails, but...

Thought experiment: friends and spouses Posted on Dec 4, 10:12 pm
You can answer this question about your friends. But could you answer it about their spouses?

Making a list... Posted on Dec 3, 8:12 pm
When you're a kid, it's easy to ask for presents, because you basically want everything. As an adult? I'm pretty much totally at a loss.

I mean, it's good enough, right? Posted on Dec 2, 9:12 pm
In which I publicly humiliate myself by showing my ignorance, and also learn a valuable lesson through introspection. Or something.

Holidailies Intro Posted on Dec 1, 5:12 pm
I've been doing Holidailies long enough, and the community of participating bloggers seems small enough, that I almost feel like an introduction at this point is superfluous. Then again, I'm not the same person this year that I was last year. Are we ever?

By Candlelight Posted on Dec 11, 9:12 pm
I'm don't think there are many things more beautiful than sharing candlelight in a dark church and singing "Silent Night" together.

Coffee Posted on Dec 8, 9:12 pm
Although it's part of my almost-daily routine, the scent of coffee still has power, sometimes, to take me back in time. Today though, it was a word: thermos.

St. Nicholas Eve Posted on Dec 5, 7:12 pm
In college, I felt very adult just being there, especially when the Scotch was served. I hated Scotch, but I loved being served Scotch. At the same time, it was one of my last chances to be a kid.

Breakfast with Santa Posted on Dec 3, 4:12 pm
One thing you can say for paying in advance: it's motivating.

Those kids who were us Posted on Dec 2, 8:12 pm
...and my wife said "So young, so well rested. You were sick during this picture and you look less tired than our normal non-sick state now."

Holidailies 2016: Obligatory Introductory Story Posted on Dec 1, 9:12 pm
Who am I? I'm a blogger. Wait, no I'm not. I used to be a blogger. I'm a writer. Wait, am I? I don't know. I thought I was, but...




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